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Space Llama

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Crikey! 50 Points

Conquor the SpaceiGator!

The Snack That Explodes Back 50 Points

'Splode the Fish Boss

I Will Survive! 100 Points

Beat the game.

Live Together, Die Together 0 Points

Obliderate the hybrid boss.

Melon Muncher 100 Points

Have more lives than visually possible.

Racoon Hunting 100 Points

Defeat the Rapacious Raccoon.

Author Comments

In a world where Llamas are capable of operating jetpacks and blasting devastating rainbows from their face, one Llama must blast through the cosmos. Battle it out against viscous Robot Sharks, SpaceiGators, and more as you dodge oncoming Asteroids and Space-Mines in this beautiful side-scrolling shooter!

Play through the epic Campaign with 5 treacherous levels plus 4 terrifying boss battles!

A game by Donovan "scuddles" Conner.
Visit my website @ http://www.scuddlecon.com/
Feel free to give my Facebook page a "like" if you enjoy my work @ http://www.facebook.com/scuddles

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Nice game

So you have a nice game here its a good fun game, game can be improved on some areas like its sort of laggy, Reloading needs to be smoother and faster, The shield was nice I didn't really use shield that much, but regardless this was a fun lil game

As suggested


for uge main character the unicorn i give low rating to hard to doge sorry

Game is very badly laggy. This is even worse in the later levels. I recommend setting the quality to low even if you're using a high-end machine.

Now for a bit of strategy. Get to that alligator boss (first boss) but *don't kill him*! Instead, use shield if necessary, and shoot meteors only if it's safe to do so without hitting the gator too much. What you'll want to do here is literally grind up everything.

- Grind up rainbow ability so you have a huge rainbow meter.
- Grind up damage increase abilities so you're dealing more damage.
- Grind up all the lives so it not only helps you but also you get a medal for doing so.
- Grind up shield helper items

Once you have the rainbow meter to the far right as well as lives, now it's probably safe to go ahead and kill that gator boss.

Now enjoy breezing through the entire rest of the game, even killing bosses in one hit (if you grinded up enough damage increase items). It should be easy now.

Since the game is getting a pretty backlash from reviewers, I wanted to say something. Although the game can be improved on many fronts already listed, I like how powerful you allowed the player to upgrade the llama. I collected so many upgrades that not only did my number of lives go off the screen, but so did my rainbow meter and my attack was so strong that I defeated the final boss with one blow (the objective saying :you need to defeat the boss" was still up on the screen when the "mission complete" came up). It made me feel so powerful yet you still had to be careful as you could never get to a point where enemies couldn't harm you. Also, although it seemed annoying at the time that you couldn't pick up upgrades when you were injured or if the shield was up, in retrospect, it was pretty smart, because if you wanted to improve, you needed to find a way to defeat and circumvent what was in front of you and it kept the games from becoming too easy.

The battle with the spaceigator is the best part

Credits & Info

2.31 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2016
1:18 PM EST