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Refugees From Space

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This is a game about a crisis on a distant planet, and about Earth sending out missions to offer relief and aid to fleeing refugees.

It is a shooter/action game about keeping a refugee safe as he escapes. The player takes the role of a commander on an interplanetary aid mission who can do one of three actions:

1) Drop supplies from the sky. If the refugee's supplies dwindle to 0, he starves to death.

2) Shoot hostile infantry using sniper shots. Sniper shots are immediate and take out hostile infantry in 1 hit, but are useless against buggies and checkpoints/barriers.

3) Call down an airstrike after a short delay, that blows up everything it touches, but is also dangerous to the refugee.

There's a short intro at the beginning, establishing the plot. The game is endless, but there is an end to the plot that is revealed if the refugee survives for a certain time and reaches the shuttle.

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Slow, not any real depth, and I was bored after 5 minutes. Cool idea, but I mean, after you've run 150 meters you've seen the entire game, and then it gets horribly repetitive after that point. The enemies are pretty much all the same, and you can infinitely throw supply drops, so click fast, and just keep throwing supply drops down every few seconds.

esayitch responds:


Yeah, I tried to keep the game a bit on the easy side so people could get to the end (after 500+ meters). In terms of enemy variety, there are 5 types overall, the last two (buggy and checkpoint) appear when you are 300 and less... it's also where the difficulty ramps up. I should have probably made it so that it ramped up a bit earlier though, as many people found it on the easy side :).

In terms of ability limitations, when the difficulty picks up, it becomes suitable with the "limitless" nature of the abilities. Note that there are some limitations (only one supply drop at a time, only one explosion at a time, etc).

Thanks for playing it! I hope you'l enjoy my other stuff more if you decide to try it :)

honestly this game have no anything too good or special or unique
Story: well not sure if we even can call this a 'story'
Gameplay is simple enough, and we begin with 200 meters of waaay-tooooo-eeeeeasy dictance (only infantry). Then difficulty raises to adequate level, of course, but we are already bored... must start from 500 meters, not 600
Our abilities are barely limited:
1) Supplies: one of boxes may exist per time. They can be picked up by enemies. Thats good, but... even Suicide Bombers take them - why they even need it? And its too easu to aim supplies. And there is no limit on how much you feed your refugee.
2) Snipershot: again, unlimited at all. Spam at will. Well except checkpoints, not only they are unharmed - they are also block bullets somehow
3) Airstrile. This is normal ability here, with delay and friendly fire risk. Yet could be slightly more limited.
result: spam at will. You can mess only if you accidently drop airstrike instead of supplies...

without story, boring and unoriginal. don't understand why someone ever could give 5 stars to it (max possible rating instead of normal words?)

esayitch responds:

Did you get to the shuttle? The story has an "ending" there :)

In terms of ability limitation, I thought to impose artificial limitations, but then I decided to just ramp up the difficulty to a point where you need to be very fast to survive, as it seemed more fun. However, I agree that it is a bit too easy in the first couple hundred meters.

Interesting and current concept, nice pixel art, and clear story without too much exposition. However, I found the controls awkward. Using slightly different colors for obstacles and enemies would have been helpful for me, too. Giving the refugee a name would have made it even more personal and added additional motivation to keep them alive. Great job!

esayitch responds:

Thanks for playing and liking it :)

(Spoiler Alert potentially)
Every refugee has a name, and you learn it once you "complete" the game, i.e. reach the shuttle :)

I have to say this was a fun game! I loved they way it was pixel and it was fun. I hope the best for this game dearly, and I'm gonna be waiting for anymore games from you.

esayitch responds:

Thanks for your feedback :D

Like this a lot.

Well thought-out. Good design. Good music. Good, simple controls. Good enemies.

I would change the color of the cursor so that it doesn't get "lost" in the enemies and whatnot. I would also add a bit of difficulty by creating a cooldown for supply drops.

Vekoro prooooobably spends most of his time on the "adults only" side of Newgrounds... I wouldn't put much stock in his input.

esayitch responds:

Yeah, agreed about the cursor, should have probably made it pop out more :/

Thanks for your kind words, I'm glad you liked it! As for Vekoro, you can't force someone to like something :P so I don't think there is a need to make assumptions about him :)