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Use the cursors to move Marcelino. Press the Spacebar to pause the game.

This is a short protest game against a rich, old-fashioned institution.

Impertinent Games are developed as punk rock music was made in the 70s: a bunch of friends having fun while producing a short, fast-paced game. As punk rockers were happy with just three cords, we don't need the best animations or complex mechanics. Fuck polishing the game, we only want to make a point!

Bug reports or any comments to impertinent@impertinentgames.com please! Find us on Facebook and Twitter to follow our next experiment!

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Nothing new, nothing too exciting. Lacking in some logic for the game's "background".

For example while I believe the power up puts the priests, etc in a condom because of the "did you know" about Pope Benedict's statements on condoms in Africa and the Catholic church's long standing tradition of just not supporting condoms, I fail to see how it works in the context of the game.

This power up isn't something that would prevent a person from raping/sexually assaulting him, but would just mean that the person is practicing safe sex while doing so. I would have gone with something like handcuffs or even using one of your other "did you know" facts as a basis for the power up. Something like a "time out zone" to match the one where the bishop was sacked and then reinstated afterwards.

Come on now, critical thinking is important.

ok this game has some god alfule controles to move end by the way nice from this athies jerck to mack fun of some asomtchen thet hy proble dont hawe anye proff yes kids biguse evry one who is religas is a pedofile just like evry gamer is ugle nerd who newer gats late
but i do love the musick
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Good job! As an atheist myself, I approve this message.

Lol really? You compare yourself to punk rock? A bit more of lowliness. This game is crap and the subject is so 2000's. Cheap move to get publicity.

Sometimes there is a point to polishing the product ... this one is very glitchy and almost unplayable.

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2.67 / 5.00

Dec 26, 2015
4:00 PM EST
Action - Other