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Eggys Death Chamber

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Author Comments

The evil Eggy has captured you and put in into his death chamber! It's up to you to survive and beat it to stay alive! Kill his egg minions to collect coins for upgrades to make it further and survive longer! Don't let his evil prevail!

== Update ==

- Starting Box upgraded lowered to 5 coins
- 2nd Barrel Upgrade Lowered to 10 coins

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Great game, I don't know what they're complaining about. I have one request though, You gotta nerf the Uzi. Otherwise, nice job. :)

EggysGames responds:

Thanks :) Hmm yeah you're probably right.

I really agree with InkWellMachine. He has a lot of good points.

The first major issue I ran across were getting hit and flying across the screen. It was pretty much instant death. The character can recover in time before hitting the red pool below and then it is back to uncontrolled flying after losing more health. More than one time did I go flying across the screen two or three times unable to stop myself and then die.

The second thing that bothered me was the jet pack. It was nice to have but the vertical movement is so slow I was never able to use it for many successful evasive maneuvers. When the field moves to the right and the three shoots all near that open space between the platforms you only option out is the jet pack but it cant get you out of the way fast enough.

My final issue was the visual noise. Once I got up to level 10+ there started being so much on the screen I had a hard time tracking my reticle and tracking my character. I was more bothered by tracking my character. A black figure against a dark grey back ground doesn't give much of a contrast. I had to concentrate my focus on my character that I kept getting tunnel vision. It made it hard for me to appreciate what was going on around the level. There is some pretty cool stuff going on. Also dark grey eggs with bombs on them on that grey background was another hard contrast. I think I died 3-5 times before figuring out they were another egg. My suggestion is lighten the background by a few tones.

I would be happy to see an updated version of this game.

EggysGames responds:

Interesting! Yeah I was worried about a bit too much on the screen perhaps I should have allowed some upgrades to be turned off. Damn I did have the jetpack turned up higher but I had turned it down, I may turn it back up.

Thanks for the in depth review :)

I really like the idea of the game. The beginning is hard, but interesting, sadly sometines a little bit laggy. The upgrades are reachable. The problems are starting with the money cloud. The Cloud, the traps, all the falling things. The game is getting slower and slower.
Four stars for great idea and some challenging fun. But it isn't playable for a long time, for me at least

EggysGames responds:

I have lowered the start difficulty and made the upgrades cheaper. Weird about the lag :(

I think a lot of people have been unduly harsh with their reviews for this game. Yeah, it has some problems, but I played it through to completion, and that means something. I'm not a terribly competitive person, but your game was compelling enough to draw me in.

What I think you did right with this game was the combination of the extremely addictive Cookie Clicker style "leveling" with the wave survival scenario. You promise the player right from the start that they can earn a lot of cool things if they just keep playing, and that the gameplay itself will change if they just survive long enough. That's good. Very compelling.

However, the game does have some issues. For instance, the only way to get the coins to purchase the crates right at the start is to figure out that you have to camp the eggs by shooting in a straight line and letting the eggs hit your bullets. That's pretty unintuitive, and I can imagine a lot of people chasing eggs around and then leaving because it's too hard to get those starting coins. You also have to do something about that music, man. It would be fine for an intro screen or something, but you've gotta have a longer track if you're going to loop it, and it's got to be a little easier to ignore.

Other than that, I enjoyed it. Don't let people get you down. It's fun little game. Looking forward to what you put out in the future.

EggysGames responds:

Thank you for the good in depth review :) I agree with most of your points.

It's fine as a proof of concept, but like other reviewers have said, it takes about ten minutes of gameplay to actually feel like you are accomplishing anything. Before you get a decent weapon, your pistol- which should NOT take two hits to kill a fast-moving mob- is useless. This game is mediocre, which is almost as bad as being… bad.

EggysGames responds:

You're right so I lowered the starting price on the boxes! :)

Credits & Info

2.67 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2015
1:45 AM EST