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Super Mario Bros. Christmas Greeting (HD)

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Have a Super Merry Christmas Newgrounds!! WOOOHOOOO!
Animation by @Yoshi1up ~ Voices by @MacTheActor

This was the most popular animation I made back in 2005!
Posted later on various websites bringing in 5 million total views!
Big thanks to MacTheActor ^-^

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Subscribe screen music by: @bulbamike
►Bulby's Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/MrBulbamike
"Cool, Cool Mountain 8 Bit - Super Mario 64" (8-Bit Remix)

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Luigi, don't stab Mario! He's your bro! XD

Great Christmas greeting for your Luigi fan!
(BTW christmas is considered misspelled if the "C" is not capitalized.)

XD LOL "sut up befor i stab you!"-lugi 2015 :3 also i love all of your guy's stuff so keep it comming guys :) =D

Take this 5 before I stab you :"3 LATA!

Now this takes me back. Like I took a spoonfull of 2008. Just how long ago I saw it for the first time? Man time flies fast. Gave it 5 out of 5 just as I rated it back then on Youtube. But now also for the legacy feel.