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Rancho Ranch

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Author Comments

A matching game that makes you think? Jesus Christ, finally!

Rancho Ranch innovates on matching games in literally twisted ways.

Help a hapless rancher break an alien curse by channeling the life energy of the herd. Twist clockwise, twist counterclockwise, utter an occasional cry of despair, until that "woot" moment when all the farm animals of a kind are connected to each other.

Time to make your brain a moocho brain. Because intelligence is sexy.

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Nice, tough game. I experienced a glitch on level nineteen when undoing a move. The teleporter/swapper placed an animal and a food dish in the same spot, leaving an empty place behind.
Edit: Alright, I've made a walkthrough for some of the more difficult levels. You may use it if it's helpful @athomas5

kikill responds:

Thank you for playing, OneThousandMeeps! I'll keep that in mind when I remaster the game!

Love the game, some really intriguing and challenging puzzles in there. Is there a complete walkthrough with solutions to get all the stars - I am struggling with a few.

kikill responds:

Thanks athomas5! Unfortunately, the complete walkthrough disappeared with the sponsor's website. It's sweeter anyway when you figure out the solutions yourself? :)

Or tell me which levels, I'll try to remember some solutions!



The game is actually not bad, but its buggy. so sad.

kikill responds:

Thanks for the feedback paveljanik. We have updated the game. Would be great though if you can be more specific. Cheers!

puzzles and matching games aren't my thing but even though i say that i still play them to see how good they are. This is a good and a REALLY challenging game. It takes a lot of thinking of course.
I admit i sometimes i had to use the walkthrough on those i got stuck on.
this walkthrough is only helping you get pass the game. no help with the stars and i know why....it wouldn't be a challenge. i don't know but i think you can't get stars on some stages.
looking at the walkthrough.....i gave up hope on those that took a lot of turns.
good,hard,challenging and fun.
the only thing i have to say is that the story does not make sense.
I love games that have a story but this one doesn't make sense.
What i understand is that some alien came to that farmers place and decided to make a crop circle like area and made those animals stuck in place and now the farmer can only move them somehow clockwise and counter-clockwise.
In the end the alien came back and got rid of crop circle like thing for no reason at all.
Well it doesn't matter i guess. It was fun.
Anyway i cheated and i fail at this game.
Good luck in the future kikill
I'll be expecting more in the future.

kikill responds:

Thanks man. We'll work hard to keep getting better.

Credits & Info

3.58 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2015
6:09 PM EST