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The Christmas Tree

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Author Comments

LD34: The Christmas Tree

How to Play:
Press and hold the Up Arrow to Grow using the special growth serum and defend the building from the missiles.
When you get a combo of 10, the tree will become super powered and can shoot leaves using the spacebar!
Be careful not to rum out of the serum!


Ludlum Dare Page:

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Nothing special
Also there is a bug , that after you get a 10 combo your serum hits 100% meaning you can stay at the top of the screen indefinitely with no decrease in serum as long as you repeatedly tap up

not complicated and not too simple, its okay

Even considering in how little time this game was made, this isn't very good... Random premisce, crappy visuals, overpowered "super power"... Try again next year! 1 star for effort!

dear boundtotheearth

I have to apologize for what I have to say but this isn't very good. Sorry but I have to be nitpicky here but hopefully you would understand and glean through my points. I'll arrange it here into a list. So that you can easily sort out the bad and the good and the ones you can fix on.

-First there's no music and SFX. Its more fun with them included (Depending on the concept of the game)
-Second you were able to use the concept of the Ludum Dare. Which is Grow and utilizing two buttons, but the problem here is...That this is what I would imagine at first as a tentative game if I were you. What I mean here is that this was an obvious and common idea in the game that alot ofpeople could've made. Grow = Tree and using that tree to block of something, like a missile.
-Third, the controls are not fixed in the game screen. What I mean here is that when I press UP, My browser window scrolls up concurrently with the game.
-Fourth, There is no detail or indication on how I will lose when the missile manages to hit the building. Try to add in some detail into it, like cracks on the building or heck just ignore adding detail and just add a stat.

Anyways...Gameplay wise its not really that interesting to play with. Its just a simple defend the tower like game. I would suggest additional more features into it, like an uppgrade store and stuff.
Well cheers though for making a working game. It just has some problems and a lack of fun it...Well for me that is.

PS: This review and all opinions are solely based on First Impressions

Regards from a Struggling Youtuber


I think the rising number of missiles makes the game more easier over time.
I mean, instead of more danger to block, spending serum, you actually have more combo source. It would be better balancing the serum use or nerfin the combo a little, then the difficulty would be increased.

But I know , sometimes this kind of polishing is something hard to do with the Dare limited time... =)

Keep up the good work! =)

Credits & Info

2.25 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2015
9:31 AM EST