Dead Detention 2 #2

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Dead Detention 2-2 5 Points

Finish episode 2.

Golden Astronaut 5 Points

Find the hidden Golden Astronaut token.

Story Tokens II 5 Points

Find all the plot tokens.

Author Comments

This is the second episode of the 2nd "season" of Dead Detention!

In this episode, Naomi and Max meet up with Sam from the Anime Club, and begin working with him to survive Mr. Noom's twisted game.

How to Play;
-Click anywhere to progress through the story
-Click the inventory button to access your inventory and unlocks
-Click the menu button to access the pause menu
-Click objects of interest to unlock plot tokens- which can be viewed from the inventory menu. They'll reveal little tidbits about the plot and foreshadow future developments
-Click EQUIP to equip items, when prompted.

Thanks for playing / reading!

If you need a hint to unlock the Golden Astronaut medal, you can find one here -> http://www.boxrocketgames.com/golden-astronauts-2015.html
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Previous Episodes -> http://www.boxrocketgames.com/dd2-next-episode.html
Season 1 -> http://www.boxrocketgames.com/dead-detention.html

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OK. Like my last review (on DD2: 1), I'm going to give a report on a character.
I mean... erm....


Age: ???
Race: Armageddon Child
Games found: DD2, Chaos Girl, Chaos Eclipse
Full Name: Shia Miller

Shia is an Armageddon Child, and is the most powerful and cruel of them all.
He could destroy an ENTIRE COUNTRY, and wouldn't even skip a beat.
Surprisingly, he is the brother of Max, the main character in DD and DD2 and an Armageddon Child who's... actually, pretty nice towards humans.
Despite all this, he DOES have a good side. He fought alongside Max against the Moon King.
He ended up going back against Max, though...
I don't know if he'll EVER turn to good side... but who knows...?

she didn't deserve to die

D.D 2 - Episode 2

wait.. father died? her sister too? this is just sad....
max mon die? that must be a lie .-. she don't even look like his mom, dafuk?
wait... is the brown otaku the armageddon child? :0 oly shet

Tokens took some searching this time! Thought they were a cool idea at first, but not sure they really add to the story. As clues they feel vague; as rewards they feel scattered. Maybe if there was a medal for each, so you could replay for ones you've missed, without having to get all the other ones again and risk missing one you previously found; having to try it once more? The story however is getting pretty exciting, and seems the two series merge with this one too! Wonder where that'll lead. Nother good game.


Credits & Info

3.92 / 5.00

Dec 6, 2015
2:52 PM EST
Adventure - Other