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Rope Jump

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first death 5 Points

die first time

Jump15 5 Points

Jump 15 times

Jump5 5 Points

Jump 5 times

Jump30 10 Points

Jump 30 times

60s 25 Points

Hold on 60 secons

Jump100 25 Points

Jump 100 times

180s 50 Points

hold on 180 seconds

Author Comments

Rope jump game beat other scores
how much can you jump???

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Trying to focus on the black lightning was fairly nauseating.
Would be nice if the rope was smoother and the timing closer to the bottom of the rotation.

rope is looks like 2 ropes

don't have how to know when you need jump!
the animation is broken and the graphics...
oh, the graphics...

Note : Horrible

This game is a start, but there are tons of things that can be improved

The game is similar to flappy bird: one main objective, survive. However, unlike it, the game has low mechanics and nothing too new. The constant jumping gets boring quite quickly, and there is no really progression to it. The only thing that would mainly get people to play would be the medals, with with low responses sometimes and the occasional laggy cloud, it's easy to just walk away from it. The game is more of a project than a game. Am I calling it horrible? No. But am I saying it's a perfect game? That's a no as well

I'll give you 1 star for an effort, and because you added medals for at least some accomplishment.

Meh, It's okay. This game really isn't anything special. You have "x" item jumping over "x" thing. This mechanic has been done SO many times and better at that. But that's not to say this game is totally bad, there are some things that make it border-line okay.

+ High score displays everyone that's played. Nice touch on that
+ The cloud that passes every now and then is some sort of distraction, but add some more to it
+ Simplistic enough for all age groups
+ Has some addictive charm to it; you have the feeling that you want to beat your high score

- Mediocre graphics
- No pattern to the jump rope, all you have to do is jump when it's at the highest point.
- The jumping sound effect begins to drive you crazy
- No music, add some music. Perhaps a song that starts off slow and then picks up as you progress further and further?
- Add some variation with the jump rope, start off slow and then pick up the pace little by little.
- Make the jump rope animate more smoothly, what are we playing this on? A Game and Watch?

Overall, it needs work; lot's of it! You can take this constructive criticism with grain of salt or try some things I suggest. The game has an okay base but it needs more "fuel." You can keep it the way it is or you can improve it. :)