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Dashie Animated - Fallout 4

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This was an animated skit for DashieXP based on Fallout 4. This is slightly altered in a few areas from the version on his DashieGames channel.

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This is one of the few movies on NG that can actually make me laugh. Shouting was great. Mixtape is fire. Roaches is nasty. 10/10.

Over all the animation is really well made. I know for a fact that the video was taken from Dashiegames channel. Really good and loud youtuber


LightningLion responds:

well, not 'taken from' but 'shared to'
either way, thanks

only reason was the yelling was funny and the plot was actually pretty good but the constant yelling on top of his lungs to the point the sound quality dropped half the time you can only make out half his words

Now that is one way to tell a stupid MF to STFU! BUG HIM TO DEATH! Damn 1000 years and roaches evolved that fast aye?

When the dude broke out the can of Fade to take out the roach and all it thought of was "Rasta Time," I actually had to laugh. That was a funny joke. Also the look on the roach's face as it was being shot at also was pretty funny like, "damn, I'm safer standing still. What an idiot." A troll face or an LOL following that from the roach would have been a tasty 'tail zing' off of the joke where the roach is getting shot at.

This was not QUITE as funny as other parodies but this one had its charms and was not mediocre or annoying as two guys random conversation during a game applied to an animation and touted as a parody. It was a touch annoying though with the overly loud stereotypical Bone Thug constantly shouting his head off but in the end when the roach swarm gets him there was some balance to this I appreciated.

In all I would say way to go. This scores a strong B, maybe B+.

LightningLion responds:

Thanks for the in-depth review.
The 'faded' rasta roach smoking a roach joke isn't in his version, as he didn't want the drug reference. I'm glad someone got a kick out of that. Animating the roach's facial expressions was probably one of the most entertaining parts of the whole thing.
Being an overly loud stereotypical Bone Thug is pretty much Dashie's shtick, though I'm aware that a good portion of people on Newgrounds find it annoying and I can see why they do.
I feel like drawing the roach again with a troll face, now ...

Credits & Info

3.67 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2015
5:40 AM EST