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Lullaby for a Princess

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Finally it is here!
My magnum Opus as it were, in production for over 2,5 years
With the help of Simbaro and Cmaggot on backgrounds
we are proud to present the animation of the song by Ponyphonic
"Lullaby for a Princess".

This animation is based on the background story of Celestia and Luna
as told in the mlp:FiM S1E1 opening. This Project started before the flashback scene in S4E1 where the same story is told.

we tried to stay close to our vision but changed a few items to make our animation fit the cannon more. example: first the crown would fall instead of the element of magic.
but we decided to keep the mane pink.

Directed, Produced and Written by

Backgrounds by
Simbaro - http://simbaro.deviantart.com/
Cmaggot - http://cmaggot.deviantart.com/

Title Caligraphy by
Kitty Verbeeck

Lullaby for a Princess song Preformed by
Christina Ellis

Lullaby for a Princess song additional Violin by
Seth Willey

Lullaby for a Princess song Written by
Dane Larson (PonyPhonic) https://www.youtube.com/user/ponyphonic

Special Thanks to

Arno Bex
Manuela Melis
Our Family
Out Friends
Equestria daily - http://www.equestriadaily.com

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Such a beautiful mlp song

Words can never convey the sheer epicness that is this song. This and Moon Rising are the single greatest MLP song animation ever made in my opinion.

Great animation, wonderful music. Made a tear come to my eye.

Best thing I've seen all year!

Very well done the fighting,music,emotions, and story line.