Trapped 3

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The part with the mysterious voice and the pattern= 1-top left,2-bottom mid,3-button right,4-top mid,5-button left,6-mid right,7-mid left,8-mid mid,9-top right

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I just found this game boring. I had no idea I could die so easily. I just fell off into the darkness. I guess it makes more sense that I could do that. This was still at least unique. Well, not that quite different than the other games.

I find it hilarious how you have to pay for things. I'd think these pyramid things wouldn't have any form of currency. What are they anyway? It's weird to see them that intelligent. Well, it was harmless.

There, i finaly beat it!

That moves me one step closer to completing the entire trapped series! I still have to complete trapped 4 and 5 and when it comes out, 6. This game and the rest of the series are all awesome and addictive, these are some of the most fun games i have played on newgrounds and I still have yet to complete half of them.

Cool game for the time...

same graphics of a previous game, but different screens.


for all the people who keep rating this game down look at when it was made

this game sux

the rm with the mys voice makes no since . u pu t help but i didnt understand 5. this one needs an overhaul.

Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2000
6:39 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other