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Sector Warfare

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This real-time strategy game incorporates many elements from the tower defense genre while also adding another layer of complexity. There are 15 unique stages but the objective of each is the same - destroy the enemy before they destroy you! During game-play, resources are generated over time and can be used to purchase ships. Each of the five classes of ships has their own unique, tiered-upgrade paths with class-specific specialties. There are over 70 unique upgrades in this game from simple hull reinforcements to more advanced weapon specials, such as Toxic Shock (A toxic cocktail of plasma energy and bio-mechanical nano-bots programmed to wreak havoc, and capable of vessel-to-vessel transmission).

Mouse and A/D and left/right arrows to scroll playfield left/right. In-game tutorial included.

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I clicked play, then the ArmorGames animated logo appeared, the nothing. With google chrome, on windows10

Good game, but at the end it seemed like I had changed from a strategy game to a bullet hell. My only real complaint is that I died on the last level for no reason. When you have full board control and only the enemy command ship between you and victory, it doesn't make much sense to suddenly get a "Stage Failed" screen. If its the enemy command who took me out, then I should be able to directly damage them as well, instead of just their minions. Other than that, a very enjoyable game.

Fully upgrades ANT- rekt everybody at the start.

Looked promising at first, but if has terrible leveling. Easy at first when you just have cruisers and easy income, but then even after you have your fleet fully upgraded, the final level is practically impossible. The last one in particular seems more like a time limit to beat something than a strategy case, being more like a timed level than actually slowly progressing.

Fun if easy game. Pretty noticeable difficulty spike on the very last level. Kinda wish any of the other levels were that challenging. I think the last level was the first one I lost on.

Anyone that enjoys side scroll strategy games should enjoy killing an hour or two on this.