Hard 2048 3x3

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A very hard puzzle game.

Use the arrow keys to move and join the numbers on a 3x3 grid.
The goal is to reach the tile 2048.

The new tile always spawns in the worst possible location. (edit: okay, I can't claim that. It's a good point that not all winning positions are equally difficult for a human)

A hint is available every two moves.

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I actually do enjoy the feeling that the person who made a game is taunting me. it is a clone, but it's a decently executed one with a slightly different twist, so that's nice

Yeah, I always enjoy feeling like the developer is taunting me.

(Pro tip: That was sarcasm)

Deceptively hard - my first game was going really well until I made the smallest of mistakes while at the 1024 tile.
Also, what you claim to be the worst possible location was actually often the BEST. Having stuff spawn consistently in the top left corner was really helpful, because I only slide down and right.

I love this game, and have played it on my phone many times before. There are a few things I really like about this version over my phone version, the main one being that it is a smaller grid (which in itself has its pros and cons). Other then that it is really similar, but that's not a bad thing, its a really simple game that doesn't need or want to be overcomplicated, if you add to much then the previously easy to play game that is nearly impossible to master will be a convoluted mess. Overall really enjoyed this game and was able to play for around 20 minutes, which in on its own is a compliment. The only downsides I saw were that the white non changing background started making my eyes hurt towards the end and the lack of audio.

great work. Very fun but hard game. Recommend for people looking for a hard puzzle game.Would be nice if there was a background though.

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2.51 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2015
2:33 PM EST
Puzzles - Sliding