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Beat the Devil Out of It

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... "Bob Ross descends from the heavens with his two inch brush to beat the devil one last time" ~ unknown

Started this yesterday at like 8 o clock. Finished it at about midnight today... did it in two sittings.
If you don't like. Whoopsie.
Youtube version if youre into that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUMFgPYFRog

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Haha I really liked this one has some nice animation in this one and you have some depth in the story this time too, the character work is as always great stuff, the voice work amazing and loved how the story ended here poor little devil guy lol, anyways I have no suggestions on this one it was pretty good.

No changes this time.


The Bross, Our Lord and Saviour, who burned one for our sins.

No seriously, I am not a druggie nor will I ever be. I just love druggie humor. But Bob was something special, and I always loved him as a kid. He relaxed me so much I felt... ashamed of being able to relax. Fucked up, I know, but I was like that as a kid. O.o. He seemed like such a nice man. Great flash, Wools. Keep it up.

Bob Ross: Our Lord and Saviour.

YES!!! Down with the Devil!!!

This was really good and funny, I actually laughed out loud haha

WooleyWorld responds:

Ayyy Tipper. Thanks.