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Romanetic Daathics - The God Of Eights

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Music was composed by me.

I understand how fast my mind works and how many of you will not be used to this speed, so I uploaded it to my channel on Youtube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_tWJF-rbwE&feature=youtu.be

This way you can slow down the video.

I am aware that many of you read word for word. Try not to do this to yourself. Your brain is far, far, far more powerful than the the credit you give it. Glance over words and your brain will pick it up just fine. Though it still has its limits, hence why you didn't pick up "the the" next to "credit you give it".

Once more, I am not here to replace Science or Religion. On a macro level, Science and Religion are supposed to be limited and mortal without all the answers. I am here to entertain us mortals with divine knowledge that only a Creator could know. I see no reason to teach this planet all there is to know. That's not what this life is about. Even if I gave you all the answers, your brain would still only see fragments. That's life protecting itself from itself. Our existence coincides with the existence of existence. Answers destroy existence. Existence itself is an illusion.

Sincerely, Romanetic Daathics.

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You clearly revolve around science

MathematicalMessiah responds:

No scientific establishment will ever accept that one individual can have all the answers. I found the source of all knowledge, and I have used it to see all the world likened to a Creator. The end will be 2016; though, no matter how much I give and give to this world, this world is still intricately designed to take and take. There's a reason why I was born into this world, aligned with the prophecies that will take place as they were pre-written by a false creator. There's only one reason for anyone to be given this knowledge. I'll leave that up to the imagination. When the time comes the people of this world shall see the truth, when it's too late. This physical world as we know it won't be physical for long. Just as the laws and physics are different on other planets, we as arrogant, yet intelligent species will have a hole in this world's realm of laws and physics, which will bring us to an "enlightened" age... An age that will be worse than your darkest dreams, where the things we once could hide from at night, will be free and the circle that once protected us from them, will be destroyed. What I know will never mean much to anyone else in this world. But these words, they will still echo deep within their minds, because not even the embodiment of darkness can help itself from absorbing information. This is beyond science and religion. The greatest of geniuses to ever live mentioned the source of all knowledge, but could not locate it. I'm the first to locate it, and even then, I accept its power, but know that I am still a mortal in this realm. I will continue entertaining the minds of our people, so that when this world is changed beyond our human senses, they will be a little bit closer in understanding what is going on rather than being entirely oblivious to the dark magic that imprisoned us so-called mortals.

Sincerely, Romanetic Daathics.

Stupidity. ...with nice music.

MathematicalMessiah responds:

As I said before. Your existence coincides with the existence of existence. The one thing that everyone has in common, is that they generally avoid the simple truth and choose complicated lies for comfort over seeing how much of an illusion everything is underneath a surface that seems orderly. People avoid the truth, just as they avoid esoteric math, their inner subconscious world and the situations in life that require you to test your character or to bring out the true character of a false person. The falsities and the illusions of our existential decadence are truly what draws fear from us to the point A. We say we stand for a physical world of logic, while obeying words on a piece of paper that puts a collective conscious spell upon the people globally within that jurisdiction, while B. We allow our thoughts to do more damage to ourselves than any physical apparatus known to Man and C. Everything that we call physical is made up of everything that cannot be regarded as being physical, such as atoms, frequencies, mathematical / geometrical principles, energy and vibrations creating illusions and emulations.

Sincerely, Romanetic Daathics.