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Gridrunner Ghoul ZX81

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Author Comments

left right and down arrows change the direction you're facing, up moves forward, space fires the bow once you've found it.

this is a port of game i made a while back for the ZX81, other than highscores and a lack of input lag this should be fairly faithful to that hardware. after a recent nightmare i had at random about 3d monster maze i decided to bring this over so people can see it if they want :o and take the opportunity to add back in a few things i had to cut to make it under 16k. all you hunt the wumpus fans will find it familiar.

i hope some people have fun with it. perhaps even get a bit halloween spooked :O

some tipz:
-don't forget your starting position
-the range that you detect monsters and items is on the title screen, avoiding things will be difficult if you don't keep it in mind
-the "overwhelming dread" must be struck with the bow while you're facing the immediately adjacent block it occupies, afterwards you can move forward to get the key and make your way back to your starting point
-singlemode is a single level maze that uses the options you provide.
-endlessmode will always have the highest difficulty settings, each time you clear a level a new one is generated that's larger than the last.

editz: i guess i should give a full breakdown, you're on a grid with the coordinates in the top right of the screen. 0,0 is the northwest corner. going beyond the edges wraps you back around. you have a sense of nearby objects in a radius around them. if each block on the grid is one character, X is you, E is an enemy and e is the area you can detect them -


in that case you wouldn't sense them. but if you moved north or east from that point you would; (faint scratching, ominous presence). because of this you can always safely move two spaces toward something but beyond that you risk encountering it. by moving around the edges of an enemy location you can determine its exact position. this is required to find items and defeat the dread within.

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I know it's text based but can you make the maze scren bigger. Select the Font and make it bigger. I've seen maze games like this and you make the maze box so damn small. You have tons of room to use in that giant grey box.

If it wasn't so basic and boring I think I would of enjoyed this game a little more. Seems like it was funner to make then it is to play......and that's why you get 2 stars,

I love Hunt The Wumpus, old vectrexy dungeon crawlers and ascii, and here they are, combined!

Nice, could use a map.

Nice N' Ominous.

this is a little bit much. i think it probably seems a lot easier to play given that you've designed it, but it's still really difficult to get the hang of. the perspecive changes too drasitcally when i hit left or right and when i see a turn i want to take but it's a few steps away, it's nearly impossible to tell whether ive entered the right hall or not. honestly i think this would be fine if you added even the tiniest bit of animation, but as of now it's just confusing and without being able to discern where ive gone/ take the same path back due to the poor graphics, i find it to be p. much just a shot in the dark whether i'd win or not. how am i supposed to respond to an ominous presence or a sense of dread when i feel like i dont even have any control over which direction i move in the first place? i played through it a few times, found the crossbow but died so much that it wasnt enjoyable even in the slightest.

the x/e/o thing is kinda iffy. it's just adding to the issue of the game having like 0 user friendliness.

overall i feel like this could be a good game if it were just more smooth and playable

RainbowCemetery responds:

the walls are really just there to keep you from systematically going thru each block in a straight line and aren't meant to be used for navigation. this originally had no graphical representation of walls and only coordinates, and i thought it'd be a little nicer for it to look like you're going somewhere :o but i can see it just made it more confusing. appreciate the feedback

Credits & Info

2.82 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2015
2:30 PM EDT