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TD-Brain Art

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Making art is more than drawing some nifty pictures and jerkin' yourself off about some bullshit meaning.
I think.
I'unno, who cares.

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Where was this bastard when I was in college? >:/ I needed his fucking badass "zero-fucks" tone in my life.

That guy really is commuted! Really. Beard and all. Seems like a reminiscent lesson, no doubt retold - at least in part, in future segments... or circled back to, but in it's completeness and conclusiveness like this... it strands strong! Like a real speech. Like wisdom. Like the start of something awesome. That's what practice really makes. Great word.


I have never felt a desire to draw that is greater than the desire to draw I feel right now.

I have no idea what Technical Dave is but that line at the end... "If you still think all this doesn't matter... I will eat my beard!" Not a direct quote but the funniest part of this.

If Batman's alter ego was a professional art college teacher... "SWEAR TO ME."

Damn, you could probably apply this to writing, too. And I'm not sure if you're being completely facetious...