Roy Koopa at the Opera

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Hello, NewGrounds! I 'm back again!

While playing New Super Mario Bros U, I noticed that Roy Koopa's 'death' noise was quite hammed up. He's really going for an award nomination with that kind of performance! Then all of his fantastic voice clips in Mario Kart 8 put me over the edge, and I had to make this. All voice clips are from either game.

This was on YouTube earlier, but since then I have been able to clean up the audio and fix a few small things for its NG premiere. :)

Now that I think about it, this video follows the same logic that was my bread-and-butter back when I made sprite movies: Take some voice clips that I find funny and use them out of context so they are even funnier. This may as well be a sprite movie, except I drew it! So I'm actually very honored that this can be on Newgrounds, right next to all my old sprite movies from 10 years ago.

I made this in Toon Boom, which was a fun experience. I'm also experimenting with Anime Studio these days too. Expect something from there too!

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I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who thought the same, lmao

This is an excellent animation. Also, LOL at Bowser's antics in the audience!

This was funny and sweet I like it.

Roy's our Boy!

loved it. wonderful animation and refreshingly lighthearted for the amount of desensitization so prevalent on NG let alone the internet. that being said NG is still dope, and your flash rocked. keep it up. p.s. the part where toad was tearing up was priceless.

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Oct 24, 2015
7:41 PM EDT