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Ultimate Fallen Ninja

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Author Comments

Update v1.1: Sorry for the instructions problem, it was a silly mistake, now you can retry using space, thanks all for your reviews.

In this game you will take the role of a ninja seeking for his master sword, which was taken from him. The thief ninja went deep on a pit to avoid being trapped by our hero, and the good ninja went after him. Inside the pit you will find unexpected dangers, venomous spiders, super sharp blades and a lot of deadly stuffs. You will have to use your ninja skills to open your path in this dangerous pit, use your ninja jump to switch between walls and in midair you can use your shurikens to destroy what comes in your way.

Download the android version here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.FreakFire.FallenNinja

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It's got that rela ninja gaiden feel to it --- you know the one where you cant win

Gets abit monotonous since no matter how hard you try, you can't get past certain obstacles.

Maybe it wasn't a good Idea to work alone here, yea? I mean, I LOVED the game play, REALLY nice job. I won't complain about difficulty, as I suck at these types of games, but It was fun through out it all.

I only have two complaints:

The soundtrack just isn't right for this game. I mean, where you try to concentrate, it is quite difficult when you hear up-beat, nerve-wrecking music. And yes, I know that you can turn off the music, but still, it just gets so quiet and less exciting without the music.

Now, I know it's a real dick move to say, but with the graphics are a BIT poor for this game. I know it isn't supposed to be the next gen quality stuff, but with game play like this, I just wanna know if they'd be improved anytime soon. Like I said, only a BIT off track. you're getting there.

Good luck.

Kersei responds:

Thx for your review, actually I'm not solo but the others doesn't have a newgrounds account, we're working on a improved version, hopefully the next week it will be released, I really appreciate the feedback.

It's a great game in premise, but it's a little awkward in presentation. I think it's mostly the spacing of the enemies, it is rather easy to get trapped in situations where there is no escape, such as: jumping to shoot an enemy will impale you, but not killing the enemy will mean you can't jump to avoid an obstacle ahead. also, your jump speed could be a bit slower, it is incredibly easy to shoot on either or both sides of an enemy you really need dead.
With those things fixed and perhaps a slow build up (it seems like you're flooded with hazards from the start), I feel this game would be well on it's way to an addicting, oft downloaded cellphone game and perhaps a good base for any future endeavors you may have.

Kersei responds:

Thx for the review, I need all of the feedback I can get, we're going to upload a new and improved version soon, hopefully it will be better and more enjoyable.

No instructions. Continuing is sometimes impossible, so skill has little impact. The 'jump' key can't be used to restart, ruining the flow. Games where a lot of death is expected in a short period really benefit from instant restart capabilities. See: Super Meat Boy.

Kersei responds:

Thanks for your review, I updated the game, give a try if you want.

Credits & Info

2.85 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2015
10:10 PM EDT