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City Driving 2D

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City driving 2D. Game with city and car.
You have the city with your own car.
R = Restart game
Arrow keys to move car.


You have some mechanics for a potentially good game. You might just need a artist.

One thing before I start: I'm sorry that this is long, and I'm really sorry if I come off as being an uncaring asshole along the way, but this is really what's going through my head as I play this.

For starters: This game looks more like a test than a game, or even an alpha. It's like a proof-of-concept, really.

Anyways, the very first thing I noticed once the game started was the graphics. Not the graphics themselves, but the quality of the graphics. The roads look like they were copied and pasted into the game with little care of trying to actually making them looking presentable to a large crowd on the Internet. In fact, one could probably make pretty much all of the textures in Photoshop or GIMP in maybe a minute each. Every thing looks so abstract and rushed, and there's no sense of perspective in the game.

The gameplay is little better. The physics for the car make everything feel like you're skating on ice, despite you driving around on pavement, grass and (explicitly!) off-road terrain, and your car being a one point hit wonder doesn't help matters. There isn't a lot to really discover in the game map, and the crappy textures & questionable perspective in the city makes playing the game a little confusing. In addition to that, the whole game feels hella empty, so it's extremely easy to get bored in playing it.

One good part about this game is that the controls do work as expected, but trying to brake in this game is a bitch, since I'll be hurtling into a wall regardless.

Now, I'm pretty sure you're not gonna read this, but on the off chance you actually do (and still are), just know that the next time you submit a game on here, consider spending some time in it before releasing it to the public. Think about your game and how you can flesh it out in anyway possible. But once again, don't submit something like this because you know it'll get blammed easily.

As for this game, I'll be nice, so I'll rate it 1.5/5.

first, make the art work look cleaner, (DOES NOT HAVE TO BE BETTER) Just cleaner so everything Is so vivid and organized. Plus, you need to add some interaction between the player and the game. All you do is drive On few roads. (don't worry though, practice makes perfect!)

The only bad things are the visuals and the lack of meaningful gameplay. It has potential, just polish the visuals and give a twist on the gameplay, and you created a really nice game.

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1.58 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2015
10:44 AM EDT
Simulation - Other