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Another planet 3

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Author Comments

Play as Jey, an alien that is forced to make an emergency landing on an unknown planet. Collect all the blue diamonds and use your gun! Can you puzzle your way through all 20 levels?

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Too many bugs turn a decent game into a frustration. I turned this 7/10 to a 5.

Decent graphics, nice music. Mute buttons.
Interesting puzzle gameplay. Adds to the difficulty that you need line-of-sight to drop objects.

That line-of-sight rule isn't explained. In fact there's no instructions bar movement and basic pickup.
Controls are sticky. I got stuch on level 2 because Jey wouldn't jump high enough. I think you need to be looking the right way (with the mouse). The gravity is a little off too. It's hard to jump up but Jey falls slowly.
You have to manually restart levels if you die.
Wood doesn't burn in lava. Should have used metal or something.
Story doesn't exist in-game and doesn't make much sense in the description. Why is Jey collecting blue diamonds? To fix his ship somehow or is he just greedy?
Now that I think about it, why doesn't Jey use his gun on the diamonds? Or the enemies? Game logic, obviously but the author could say the gun doesn't work on organics.
Levels get easy once you figure out plants don't kill you just the seeds and you can carry a box with you at all times.
Why is the menu icon a cog, typically used for options?
At one point, the game didn't register I passed 2 levels.
After level 20, passed: wall of colour. Refresh. 2 levels gone again. I think you're not supposed to hit the space button.
Bad hitstate in credits back button.
No ending!

Cool game!

i slid off the edge of a platform without having pressed any directional buttons. also i'd prefer if the gravity were set a little bit higher. otherwise this seems pretty fun so far. IMO the level should auto-restart after death, but that's not really a big deal. I noticed i didnt actually need boxes to cross the smaller lava pits, and it seemed like i was supposed to need them in a few puzzles where they didnt end up being necessary.
i think you have some issues with the edges of your platforms in general, as well as with walking on slanted objects. i keep falling off of things because it seems like the jump wont work while im sliding, meaning that if i try to jump off of something and maximize my distance as would normally be the best thing to do in most platformers, i dont even jump and instead i end up falling.

im not sure how the score is supposed to be working here. i get negative points nearly every time despite winning with 1 death or less consistently. im not really playing for a high score so that's fine, but it seems a little weird.

maybe consider adding a few more tokens to grab? a lot of games that use this kind of design have a 3 star rating system for each level and collecting all 3 tokens or w/e gives easter eggs.

some objects (especially the largest size of boxes and the wooden boards) routinely took more than one shot to grab. it just didnt seem to want to pick them up a lot of the time.

i definitely found a few shortcuts so far. i'm assuming they were meant to be there, but im not sure, so i figured i'd mention it. a lot of the time i didnt even have to solve the puzzle cus i could jump thru the floor somewhere or stack boxes until i could surpass w/e obstacle was supposed to be there

i got the gem a few times but was killed by the shooter pod thingies before the level ended - this didnt happen in the one level where you were forced to run away from one down a dead end hallway to get the gem fortunately, but it happened in lvl 15 because i jumped as i picked the gem up.

game froze on level 16 and i was unable to restart or use my gun, but could walk and jump normally.

when i set boxes on buttons they often got stuck and couldnt be picked up again.

i really feel like i should be able to jump while on top of the wheel. it took me a while to even realize that it wasnt just the game glitching out lol ... the wheel also pretty frequently fell off of the level without me even touching it. its good that it rolls around a lot, but it definitely shouldnt fall by itself.

holy frick level 20 was hard.

fun game - took me a little longer than expected. i'd like to see some more complex puzzles in the future, but i liked it as is, too. keep up the good work

Level 3. I fell in lava and nothing happen. No hero and no game over screen. But cursor is still as gun. I think it's wrong. Stop or reset game when hero is dead.
Level 6 - very cool idea with bullets!
Good puzzles. Levels design is interesting and looks polished.
I don't like current Game art.
So not bad but not super.

Credits & Info

3.20 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2015
12:11 PM EDT