BAD BAD METTAURS and The Horrors on Area N

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For Megaman fans especally ZX fans. The invincible Hard hats VS The God of Destruction! LOL

If you haven't watched the first Bad Bad Mettaurs. Click the link below.


I never thought I'll do another Bad Bad Mettaurs movie and if I did, I would redesign their designs a bit to make them different to all Mettaurs. I'm actually doing a Vent VS Omega Zero Sprite Battle but the Flash File got corrupted early in the progress. It's not a big loss but it made me abandon the project. It didn't took long to think of another Idea. Bad Bad Mettaurs VS Omega Zero would be fun for sure!

For those who don't know, The Omega that you have encountered on Area N is just a corrupted memory file that's why he looked like that on my video. A rift between the real world and cyber world was formed when Omega was defeated by Zero and caused a massive explosion. It's like the phenomenon when Eurasia crashed into the Earth and formed Zero Space or the Virus Stages on X5. I've added something on the concept though. It's the distortion of timeline in Omega's room so that the area has corruption too.

I want this video to be funny and awesome at the same time! I hope you enjoy!

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I just have to ask...HOW DID TWO METTAURS DEFEAT OMEGA!?Someone promote them.Other than that this was pretty amazing, the animation was smooth(like the others)...and that`s about it.

I loved the mix between back story and actual fighting. Story told well and simple, enjoyed it a lot over my sandwich, thank you very much!

Never thought I'd see the day where two basic minions would beat evil Zero....And the hard version at that....THE HELL ?!
Great fight and spirit !


I would like to ask what is the song used at about the 7:05 marker. That part to me was rather epic. If you would I would like to know waht was used.

ultimatemaverickx responds:

It's Doomsday Device from Megaman ZX Tunes.

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Oct 10, 2015
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