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A Tale of Caos: Prelude

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An old style, pixel-art game, inspired by classical point-and-click games.

A steam-fantasy adventure, running in a maze of magic, wonders, strange technologies and pure nonsense!

Help Terry, a smart but distract technomancer, to solve her quest!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Caos is not a misspelling. It’s not ‘chaos’. It’s Caos.

Donate and get 'A Matter of Caos: Complete Edition': http://experagamestudio.itch.io/a-matter-of-caos-complete-edition

If you are stuck here's the walkthrough: http://www.experagamestudio.it/games/tale-caos-walkthrough/#e0

Other games on Newgrounds: http://experagamestudio.newgrounds.com/follow

**FOR CHROME USERS**: Because the Unity WebGL compiler is still in a preview version, we can’t guarantee there won’t be technical issues (like the evident mouse glitches) . **If you experience any problem, you can always try to play it with Firefox with the Unity Web Player installed**.

To interact with the items just click on them.

To have a description of an item, select it and use it on Heimlich.

To save the game, change game options or leave the game, click on the META-MATIC item in the inventory.

IMPORTANT: every time you need a hint, talk to Heimlich: he will help you!

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Nice game, but i'm stupid and also blocked.

1. I liked the humour in the game. It helped make it more engaging, and I like how the game poked fun at itself
2. The mechanics with Heimlich were kind of confusing; sometimes, he was the only way with which you could make progress, but at other times, he was completely useless. I think it would help if you made it more obvious whenever Heimlich was gonna be needed.
3. The map for the swamp was a bit confusing for me, as you had to loop a bit, rather than go straight in order to reach things like the refinery.
4. Out of curiosity, what music was used when we poked the honeyed stick into the weird hole?
5. I didn't get the axe (despite spamming the non-give up options), so I thought you should know, in case I accidentally skipped half the game.
6. Other than the fantasy/sci fi genre, I don't see the connection between A Matter of Caos and a Tale of Caos
7. I like how you created words like "technomancer". It helped get you more immersed in the fantasy/other worldy/sci fi mythology.

You guys did a great job on this, and I really like it.

ExperaGameStudio responds:

1. We like to make fun games :)
2. We see what you mean; we'll try to make Heimlich's use more "clear" in the future.
3. We hope it didn't ruin your experience.
4. It was 'Merry go' by Kevin McLeod.
5. Ok, we'll be honest: the axe was just a joke, there is now way to get it (or maybe...?)
6. We'll try to make the 'Caos' parte clearer here, in the next episodes!
7. We like to make deep world, filling them with details and complex stories u.u

Thank you for your feedback: we hope you'll like the next episodes as well! Have a nice day and keep having fun!

This was interesting and rather fun, there was a lot of humour in the game. One thing I disliked was how the mechanical bird assistant is "too useful" - super for solving some tasks (like the map, or the bird call, or finding the pulley - which was the one bit of irritating pixel-hunting in this episode) but is then utterly useless every other thing. I didn't find the mechanic for showing the map to the assistant at all intuitive. But I also think it's not the best game design to have an assistant who is only useful in a couple of places - at least, not without having some form of indication (e.g. the assistant raises his wing?) that this is a location where clicking on the assistant can produce some sort of result. Otherwise you end up either forgetting about the assistant entirely (frustrating when the assistant is actually needed) or clicking on the assistant in every location though 95% of the time this is to no avail.

ExperaGameStudio responds:

We're glad your overall opionion is good! :) About your complaint, we just used Heimlich as a 'portable' NPC to speak to, which was useful for some puzzles. In the next episodes, most probably, he'll be even more helpful. We hope you'll like it! :) Thank you for the feedback and keep having fun!

Not so much writing, since I don't played the other Chapters since you don't launched yet, with is very different to AMOC, since the enviroment, humor and characters are a lot different than ATOC, AMOC is more dark and mysterious, ATOC is more funny and... surprising(although(sorry, English isn't my first language in case I mispelled this word) this may not be the word I want). Well Expera, you already have II Series with Unique and charismatic Characters, and I know you're playing on making more with different styles and genres, your studio have a great future for the flash industry, and, if it makes a great sucess like I'm hoping to be, some Series could launch to Steam(I thinkinh you already are making/thinking that). Well, I hope to see you guys doing a great job as always(even tought might be impossible for you don't make a great work), now I make my leave, see you guys soon("Not so much writing"... I might have get a little excited...)

ExperaGameStudio responds:

Thank you here too! ;)

I loved the wacky vibe in this game it makes it lots of fun.It had a very fun vibe to it.
I hope to see future chapters of this series. I though it was going to be a detective game based on the
'A Matter of Caos" but ended up been another story :) I really like the technomancer theme. Its unique and creative way to call an engineer.
I was not able to find secret items I know the bird told my mechanical bird there is a key but I did not find it. Also I could not remove axe either.

ExperaGameStudio responds:

Thank you again, Kenxeus! :) Yes, we'll develope more ATOC chapters, even if not right now, but soon! About the hidden items, it's not so hard to find them: if you want some help to find them, we could give you some hints, just send us a PM.
And about the axe... uhm... maybe you didn't try hard enough... or not? :D
Once again, have a nice day and keep having fun!

Credits & Info

3.72 / 5.00

Oct 6, 2015
11:14 AM EDT