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Zit Storm Beta

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Expendable 5 Points

Bought 6 Upgrades

High Stamina 5 Points

Score 60 in Endure Mode

Investor 5 Points

Earned 100 $

Nasty 5 Points

10 Zits Popped

Picker 5 Points

Collect 5 bonuses

Quick Pop 5 Points

Score 30 Zits in Timed Mode

Serial Zitter 5 Points

Score 60 Zits in Limit Mode

Businessman 10 Points

Earned 1000 $

Collector 10 Points

Collect 50 Bonuses

Juicy 10 Points

100 Zits Popped

Novice Popper 10 Points

5 minutes of total playtime.

Odds Breaker 10 Points

Score 120 in Endure Mode

Spotty 10 Points

Score 120 Zits in Limit Mode

Upgrade Complete 10 Points

Bought 12 Upgrades

Zit-Fu Master 10 Points

Score 90 Zits in Timed Mode

Addicted 25 Points

1000 Zits Popped

Armed and Ready 25 Points

Bought 18 Upgrades

Bill Zites 25 Points

Earned 5000 $

Expert Zitter 25 Points

30 minutes of total playtime.

Hoarder 25 Points

Collect 200 Bonuses

King Cobra 25 Points

Score 270 Zits in Timed Mode

Time Lord 25 Points

Score 250 in Endure Mode

Zit Pianist 25 Points

Score 180 Zits in Limit Mode

Master Blower 0 Points

3 hours of total playtime.

Author Comments

In this dark hour, my call to action.
Our last stand. Will you join us?
GOOGLE PLAY► http://bit.ly/1FLrhyp
GREENLIGHT► http://bit.ly/1O8pN2i
FACEBOOK► http://on.fb.me/1Lk1rxD
TWITTER► http://bit.ly/1UH1b0N
YOUTUBE► http://bit.ly/1N8Rzx2

Behold the great Zit Storm! Hilarious and disgusting arcade-action gaming. Pop the Zits! Earn Zit Dollars! Buy Upgrades and collect Bonuses! Get Medals and Achievements! And have fun doing so :)

► 4 Game Modes
►15 Unique Bonuses
►18 Upgrades
►24 Medals

Windows, Linux, Mac, Android

Little Robot Sound Factory

Hey! I made a different kind of game that's getting some great feedback, check it out:
Income from Zit Storm will help fund the anticipated sequel.

0.99 $

Yea, this is not Antumbra 2. I tried raising funds on IndieGoGo - and failed. I tried with sponsors and producers but preety much all of them did their best to cheat on me, which lucky for me I've discovered before signing the papers. So I've figured that I have to raise the money for Antumbra 2 by the one thing I can - by making other games that maybe will generate enough income for me to finish Antumbra 2.
< Don't know what Antumbra is? Here, have a free ride
< Antumbra 1 http://bit.ly/1Oh1AIQ
< Antumbra 2 Trailer http://bit.ly/1Q1cf7Z

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Awesome. I would REALLY love to see how you work on this games.

Amusing game again

And another game for me to check out and I must say this was interesting, had some nice options and there are things that could be better but it was alright. First off cute little intro on this one. It seemed like the "HIT BOX" area of popping the zits was kinda light but maybe thats the ideas, The whole idea of this game seems fun and is different then most games out there so props up for that one. fun game different and entertaining. Now with this kind of game its easy to see how this comes to an end maybe there are some other things to be added and such, but you have somehing decent.

Alright so you can see that all this really needs is a few tweeks and simulation changes, just here and there, and maybe a few clean up spots, But I do hope I can help with some insight into all that. The hit box area of the zit could be more smoother to activate seems like it does take awhile. maybe smoothing out the visual effects for the pimple itself.


Vilehead responds:

Thank you VERY kindly for such a well-worded and constructive review and feedback! Everything noted and wroten down. :)

Pretty funny, and I love how intuitive the whole thing is. My only gripe is the random number of times it takes to pop a zit--for a game with combos that just shouldn't be an intended design choice.

Great game but I believe it can more gross. May I suggest you add explosive boils and cyst leaking green or yellow pus. And pus of different texture like soupy pus or pus that looks like cottage cheese :D

Favorite power-up is Fatan Cthulhu :D

Vilehead responds:

hahahah! this sounds amazing! :D I am writing this down right away!


Vilehead responds:

Hey i love Cuckoo :D They are such a cute birds!

Credits & Info

3.14 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2015
11:37 AM EDT