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An inspiring trailer! Though nothing will really match up the animated alternate from back in the day, the 3D renders here are pretty impressive, especially during the final chase. Atmosphere is both dystopian and foreboding, the character... she doesn't look like I remembered her somehow, though previews of the past show she does look like she used too. Too big(open eyes, maybe? There's just something in her appearance that doesn't fit with the surrounding IMO, but overall, this was fantastic. Nice work.


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She moves kinda "robotic" on that animation. Work on that. Everything else looks amazing.

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You've done a fantastic job with this but I must say, I've gotten used to the 2D style of your movies but the 3D style is something I could get used to. Also, I'm quite surprised that Sarah looks Asian in this. I thought she was Caucasian judging from how she looked in the 2D films. Either way, kudos to you for making this. You deserve it!

Awesome trailer. The transition from 2D to 3D must've not been an easy one, as I can see you are still working on trying to portray more naturalistic human movements. The environment however is amazing! Setup, camera angles, shots, and lighting were really well done! One other critique I have would be the lack of facial expression. There's a slight mouth open, but that's it. Humans can generate over 20+ expressions on the face alone; fleshing out more of that during production would make your character more dynamic! Otherwise, can't wait to see what Robs cooking!

RobsH66 responds:

Thanks for the feedback CrabbWalker!

The transition to 3D was a difficult one indeed. I agree that the facial animation (and the character animation in general) is one of the film's biggest weak points. I rigged the model myself, and the process of creating a flexible and expressive face rig is quite complicated. And even with a good rig, the act of creating a convincing, appealing performance when animating the face and body is an art form in itself!

Hello Mr.Robertson, I just want to say i'm glad that you finally be able to release this trailer for us and i find it to be quite an achievement. I personally really enjoy this trailer and just can not wait to see the final film. I been following your work for a very long time (since the Ep1 released) and i am very happy to see more progress from you. Please keep up the good work. You had been such an inspiration for me all these past years. So thank you for this trailer.

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RobsH66 responds:

Thank you for the kind words :)

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Oct 1, 2015
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