Short: Incident: 000a

September 21, 2015 –
October 9, 2017
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Author Comments

~Incident 000a~


Frames: 4257
Library Items: 423
Scenes: 10

Start: August 5
End September 17


While Madness Association IV is still in the works, I at least wanted to celebrate Madness Day for this year. I wanted to make this animation as closely authentic to the animations in 2006 or 2007. Also I added references to older Madness animations, although I think some are quite obvious.

Hope you enjoy and Happy Madness Day

(And yes I am aware of the foot arrangements)


big king)

Why does the people need a king and if theres no king they will late 0/5??? Wtf guys this animate is good

nice one isn't it 60 fps?

New Madness 2016 soon

Nice Madness 2 reference

Madness characters with one foot...
...Never thought I'd see that again.

that whole elevator scene was literally from madness combat two, with madness seven skin. lmfao.

The main character was switching guns super fast at the beginning there. I got a kick out of that.

the madness 4 theme is still one of the top themes for me. nice simple club style. A fine choice.

WHELL for your first animation
is really amaizing

This was pretty good, but question; On my screen the blood and such is orange. Anyone know why?

It's essentially a re-imagining of Madness Combat 2. Smoother than the original, but entirely too claustrophobic. I appreciate that it tried to be dynamic with camera placement at least. Look forward to your future animations though. You've got potential!
Also something about there being no king. 0/10, 3 stars.

No king 0/10.

No CethicĀ“s King 0/10

I dont know why, its a copy of the original madness, but I love it! 4,5 STARS!

No king 0/10.

Ugh, sorry, but it's just a copy-paste of original madness. Not bad copy-paste, so 3 stars.

You sure have improved alot since your last movie, and you finally stopped using that uglyass HUD and gore effects, damn those things make me sick, i didnt say anything before cuz i dont wanted to be rude, and that ''madness 2'' reference was older than my ballsack.

also ive noticed that 2 agents and 1 grunt has 2 feet, while and the rest of the characters has only 1 foot, why?

keep going the good work, and for god sake learn how to make a thumbail to your flashes.

Nice animation!

That was a very nice homage to the early days of the series and the incidents, nice work.
One thing that bothered me was when the agents fired point blank at the protagonists head, they missed many many times.

Classic! Nothing but basic madness sprites and you still get a very epic combat just like old madness times. The only thing that bugged me, was the scenes were mostly too much zoomed, people usually want to see the whole room, not only the protagonist and its current victim. And the glitchy backgrounds between scenes are annoying too, also don't make the protagonist look like some Quasimodo...but that's all the bad I can find, great job!

I like the madness combat 1-3 theme

good job :)


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3.68 / 5.00