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Ninja Escape

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Author Comments

Ninja Escape has 50 levels. Move around with WASD or arrow keys. Hold space to move slower.

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Eh, its alright but not for me.

A long game game, but need more music. Two songs is not enough for 50 levels.

GSquadron responds:

There is only one song, but thanks for commenting.

If you came here looking for a legit ninja game then you're in the wrong place.

Ninja Escape is about the same as playing as a box, because that's basically what you are. Your character model's "hitbox" is the same size as an unedited box, as it will demonstrate multiple times that you don't even have to be touching the death traps and you still die. The object is to reach the end. That's it! There are 50 fairly well designed levels for you to complete in this skill based game.

I'll start with the obvious negative first: Yes! The gimmick is misleading. It lures players here with it's name making players think they're gonna play as a bada$$ ninja, when really you don't do anything ninja!! Oh- Wait! I guess that's wrong. The dictionary term of ninja is "a person who excels in a particular skill or activity" so it baseball slides underneath the stereotype ninja and into the official definition. Unfortunately, this is just going to piss people off. When I think of ninja, I think of assassinations, hand signs, shuriken, and just generally someone who does not give a s*** because they are bada$$ like that. Or at least somebody that actually fights. But none of that is here! The creator slapped on a costume over the "box" and then called it ninja. I wasn't particularly upset myself because I've been hit by these tactics before, but this will no doubt be the biggest let-down to all the ninja stereotype fans out there.
Aside from that, I really didn't feel like a ninja at all, and any time I tried to was thwarted off by it's crummy graphics and same song that it uses for EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. Really?! It couldn't have 2 songs in this 20 minute game!?! I guarantee you that mute button is gonna be utilized by more than 50% of players who complete level 50. Here are a few more issues....

- Completing the game puts you back at the main menu, but still displays the ninja character on screen as if gameplay is still going on. (100% confirmed bug)
- Completing level 50, and then loading cause the game to crash. (possible bug?)

Okay, now for the positives: the game is fairly long. Level design is decently well done even if it does begin to reuse the same level gimmicks and obstacles. You may have an issue with the pixel perfect dodging in some of the levels, but it is likely the author will have that patched by the time you read this review. If this is still an issue then no worries, all 50 levels can be completed without fail.
As frustrating as it was to die over and over I can say that I did have fun with this game, and that the best part is when you're maneuvering around the course. Despite the lack of obstacles, they were used very creatively.

Overall, it is worth a playthough. And the final verdict for Ninja Escape is a 6 out of 10 - slightly above average. Ninja Escape will be a worthy time passer until the "good games" are released.

Final Verdict: 6 out of 10
NG Rating: 3 Stars

GSquadron responds:

What a good review! I laughed so hard when I was reading the review, because the same bugs and problems of the game were obvious to me too. Anyway, I did my best for the time I had and same goes for the graphics the artist did. Next time I believe I will make a better game.
Thanks for playing and completing the game! I am very honored that someone did care to complete it. :)

Good game to keep u busy for a while .

Credits & Info

2.34 / 5.00

Sep 19, 2015
4:57 PM EDT