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Pageturner: Not Home

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Author Comments

"Not Home"

Benedict and Detective May Roeca are at it again, but this time May's forced to deal with a ghost from her past, her rival in the field: Detective Keller.

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Induction game no longer has a time limit.
The foyer background has changed to relate more to a clue in the induction game.
The clock hands have been thickened, which should make them easier to grab.
The stairwell is now gone, so that the layout of the mansion is less confusing.

• Secrets to find!
• Originally composed music!


Thanks to CGTextures.com for many textures.
Thanks to Freesound.org for some of the sound effects.

Everything else in this game was made by scratch for Scratch by LockedOn using Photoshop, Cheetah3D, Flash CC, and GarageBand on a Mac.


All sprites, music, backgrounds and characters ©2015, LockedOnGames.

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I cant even play the game. It's just a white screen playing a song. I played the first game, I would also like to play this one as well.

I'm sorry I can't give a better review, but there are too many problems and annoyances with the game.
- There's no save feature so you can't leave and come back to it at a later time without starting over or if you running a serious problem.
- Many areas of the mansion seem to lead in circles, with doors taking you where it seems like they shouldn't.
- With the three step inspection mini game, it doesn't give the player enough time to look through the options before it tells you you lost. Also, some of the "conclusions" that you reach don't make much sense. How can you scratch the knuckles of your hand on the splinter on a shovel handle? (you'd scratch the palm of your hand before you'd scratch your knuckles). And how is the player suppose to know that Keller buried his father and not some random person he murdered? There'd been no mention of his father before.
- the clicking areas for the doors sometimes shifted to the right or left, preventing me from clicking on them and leaving the room.
- the extremely hard to drag red handle of the clock in the dream sequence made me almost give up on the game as it seemed like I couldn't move it.
- Is the only reason that May hates Keller is because he took credit for thinking of where to look for her teacher? That seems pretty petty to me, unless there is more.
- And probably worst of all, after getting al the clues in the kitchen, the magnify glass in the top right corner just disappeared. I don't know if this was intended to happen or not, but when I clicked on the question mark, it just told me to click on clues to see what happened (or something to that effect). I opened the backpack and clicked the items, but nothing happened and I couldn't progress in the game because there was nothing I could do.

The music and sounds of the game were pretty good and I greatly appreciated the ? button for hints. The game is okay, but I don't think I'll ever play it again if there's the chance of it glitching out on me like that.

LockedOnAnimations responds:

Thanks for taking the time to review the game.
- I wish there was a save feature too, but the program I used to code the game doesn't support one, (maybe I could devise some sort of password system though. Might seem too clunky).
- Good point about the induction game, I'll consider removing the time limit altogether since the tension isn't too great to begin with. It's true that a lot of the answers are a bit of a stretch to say the least. I'll work on a way to improve them.
- Not sure what you mean about the shifting doors, the idea is that the highlights appear in the door frame. Are you saying that they sometimes moved away from your mouse?
- I might be able to do something about the clock handle. The problem is that the game is actually supposed to be played in full screen, but full screen on Newgrounds seems to work differently than on Scratch.
- I was thinking it was more like the first incident in a long chain of them occurring when they worked together.
- At that point in the game you talk to May to get out of the kitchen, so no glitch, just forgot to add a hint there explaining that.

Great feedback, I'll see what I can do to make playing the game more enjoyable.

-- LockedOn.

a bit txt heavy and slow (on this browser anyway) still very good.

LockedOnAnimations responds:

Thanks! Sorry about the lag, there's not much I can do about it. :(

Credits & Info

2.97 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2015
1:23 PM EDT