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Puzzle Hunters the Series #1

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It's finally here! The first season of the Puzzle Hunters! New episodes all this month, Tuesdays and Thursdays! Seven in total, across two story arcs! Exclamation points!

Sonata, Harmony and Riff are a trio of puzzle solving delinquents who have strangled each other all the way to Locks Angeles, Puzzlefornia! No sooner have they moved in than new mysteries already await them.... like The Case of the Missing Boxes!!

This episode is part 1 of 3.

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This is the most hilarious web series I've seen in awhile.
Can't wait to see more!!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad it was a multi part episode. It seemed to end pretty abruptly. I loved the animation as usual. It's pretty easy to recognize your voices. Yeah, I can tell it's all from the same person. I still appreciate how funny it is.

It's great to see you making yet another series. You've made so many great ones! It's nice how they all keep the same spirit. It's great to be introduced to these characters with their weird names. You're creative with those.

Glad this series is becoming official

First off this is original content so I'm already loving it, and you did a good job of capturing my attention. It was mostly good, but while the drawings are polished they don't seem complete stylistically, there are a lot of design choices that could be improved upon. Mostly though the writing needs a little work and it could be a lot better overall.

It didn't have sonic in it. no im jk looool.

Not many people can make music and animate cartoons, so this was really neat.
A lot of the dialogue sounds really formulaic and predictable, but I powered through cuz the music is great. The artwork isn't bad, but they look like a bunch of symbols and shapes. Even when the jokes are really funny the artwork is oft putting, cuz they're lacking in 'idk what', appeal? anatomy? but I guess they arent that bad, because I saw the whole thing.

Aren't the simpsons yellow because they stand out on old televisions? These guys just don't look 'funny'; they look weird and plain. And some of the jokes are alright, but im not laughing.
Im so sorry your last bonus stage episode didn't work out, but you should bring joel and phil back and get them to make fun of gamers again. Or just get joel to smoke weed, make stoner comments and make fun of phil, <--- this is the pinnacle of entertainment, plz do this.

I wish this cartoon was a lot funnier.

You are one of the better talents on newgrounds and the internet. Please continue to make whatever you can in any capacity and I will watch it.

P.S. I love bonus stage. plz bring it back.

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3.90 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2015
1:52 PM EDT