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Hi guys.
I know, you are not really into demos and unfinished products, but I need your help.
I have worked on this game for a few days and have come to a point where I have to choose between two options:

remake the game from scratch, using my expierence and your feedback
continue with this version, add stuff to it and polish it.

I have spend too much time with this thing, I cant see clearly anymore.

Are there general things you dont not like about this version?
What should I add/substract, what should I redo and what do you think could stop my game from reaching its awesome potential (I mean, dancing magic, cmon!)?

I really need your help and when I publish a complete Version, ill ofc include your username in the credits :)

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Its very hard

i don't see any key to make me jump...

StuffedWombat responds:

yeah, you jump by dancing.

this is a mess, i made this when i was just starting out and it is really not all that great.
or worth your time ^^

if you want i can pm you a link to the better version of this game (its unpublished bc i want to make a better version of it in the future)

The controls are handicped of the versatility they require, and the blend of dance with battle is only good if your game is intended for comedic purposes, which is not specified so the player will think it is an usual platformer and will ragequit.

this was really cool, and a great and original concept!!!~ i really liked it!~ the controls do take some getting used to, and im not that good at platformers so i guess it was a little challenging for me especially, but it was really fun, and the little wizard is so cute!

i think that if you wanted to start over from scratch you could, but this version is enjoyable too, just could be improved with a few features. perhaps include more rpg elements, like more interesting monsters than blocks (or maybe magic sparkly or glowing boxes, sticking with the whimsical dancing wizard theme), and also id love to see power ups -- that would not only be very helpful on a gameplay level, but entertaining to see what power ups you would include. maybe potion ingredients you collect, and once you have all of them you can do something really cool? or just different ingredients in general that do different things. what about something silly like a bottle of hot sauce that lets your fire shooter things be more powerful?

also, everyone loves medals, it makes you feel accomplished and proud and makes you want to keep playing so you can earn more medals. maybe have a few medals for finding the secret spells that were being discussed earlier, or maybe for passing a certain level?

one thing i enjoyed while playing a game once was that they gave you a medal for dying five times in a row (which i got...), maybe shout out to the beginner wizards out there?

ive never made a game before, i just play a lot of them (mostly rpgs with fps elements, or just rpgs), so i dont really have a qualifications on my feedback, but i hope i could help!!!~ <3

StuffedWombat responds:

woah, thats a lot of input, thanks for taking the time to help me out!

I have already started reworking my game and have implemented some RPG elements (though not in the way you would think ^^).
I also plan to give the game LESS monsters and focus more on all the new transporting and movement spells I am creating now, so that the final game should be some sort of kombo plattformer.
I do not like medals/achievements. i feel like secrets in the game should be satisfying from alone, achievements are to much of a carrot in front of your nose for me.

please upload finished games...this isn't a website for demos.

StuffedWombat responds:

I know, i actually read all the rules :)
I am fine with my games getting banned, I am really only asking some gaming pros (you guys) for feedback, since I am currently far away from all my rl friends and cant actually show the my game and get feedback from them.
so sry for putting demos on your website, but tbh, I have seen many games under judgement that are way worse and which required way less time and effort than the demo i submitted.
anyways, cheers!

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Sep 11, 2015
5:49 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other