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This game is a bit of an experiment for me in more ways then one. For starters -- its the first game I've released with unity's html5 webgl export(it works for me in chrome, firefox, and Microsoft edge -- although sound doesn't work in internet explorer and I haven't been able to test other browsers)... Secondly, I've been learning how to make music with FL studio and this is the first game of mine with my music in it. Lastly, the game was originally created in less than 10 hours(including the music) for the FGL game jam #30.

Please, do not hesitate to let me know your opinions!

Also, if you know a way to get scoreboards to work with Unity WebGL games let me know -- I did some searching around to see if it was possible and couldn't find anything.

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So fun!

Made a mobile version, and you will be rich!

A fun game that really needs a scoreboard.

That is awesome and challenging. Although the music is great I heard with this song http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/643536 and I thinked it matched well.

BryceSummer responds:

Thanks for the review... You're right that music does fit really well -- nice find!

Solid game, nice and simple with a good choice of music (well, I'm not a fan of something so bassy but the beat perfectly matches how often I should tap, which is to be praised).
Even before I consider that fact it was made in under 10 hours, I have to admit it's a good game, well done.
Motion feels a little jittery (at least for me) and that makes the game harder to look at, also I feel the game progresses slowly, as I want to see more and more of what you've made, rather than the same sequence over and over. Challenge games like this are often randomised, or have checkpoints, obvious examples being flappy bird, and the impossible game. Because it takes a long time to face any new challenges, the game may get boring, how you think it's best to combat this, is up to you.
I've gotten through 45 full rotations, though I find it a little odd that each partial rotation doesn't contribute to your score. This sort of game is one that would work well on a phone, and if it's not too hard to port, you've got a decent app on your hands.
On here, integrating a hi-score board (I know you're thinking about it already, and it's a good move), and achievements (for getting to 1,10, 25...) would give incentive to play more.

Personally I'm a fan of making things more psychedelic, I hope that at some point in the game, things get wavy or possibly change colour. It already looks like changing direction (to anticlockwise) will happen though I've not quite reached it, but it's a good move.

I like the game, I want to award you about 3.25 stars for it which is a fair rating from me.

BryceSummer responds:

Thanks for the in-depth review!

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3.26 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2015
4:33 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid