Super Shot!

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Super Shot!

This is a "Super Hot" fan game!
The demo contains 5 Levels

"Time goes with your movement"

If you find any problem/bugs or an idea
please write it in the comments down below!

Remember to leave a
rating of the game
was it terrible or
perfecto i don't care,
as long as you leave
your honest rating.


Here are the game controls that aren't in the game.

if you have no gun back theres only one way
to finish your enemy! Go close and use your
mouse to punch!

Take a look at youtube.com/channel/UCSjUsrja0g1gBpWp9TdiVOA (YouTube: What sub) to my friends amazing math, crazy predictions and top 10 videos!


1. FOV is /FAR/ too small.
2. You don't move fast enough.

That's all I got.

It'd probably be a good game, otherwise. Sadly, these two things are a /huge/ problem, I would give a better review. But remember this.

"You tried, you get two and a half stars, you can improve. Remember your mistakes, and build upon them."

Sorry about the quick review.

AliiGames responds:

no it's fine :) I've talked about this with others it's fine. Gonna fix it.

Not bad. No obvious glitches, gameplay is simple, but entertaining.

My strongest criticism is that the field of view is FAR TOO LIMITED, especially as all of the bad guys seem to have a larger one, in that they can detect the player, and begin firing before they're even on the screen.
Also, it feels like the enemies have an unlimited ammo supply versus the player's very limited supply, which might be okay if we weren't taking their weapons when they die, and suddenly they only have 4 bullets left.

A suggested fix? Increase the field of vision, and give the enemies a limited supply of ammo.

Not a bad game overall, but not a great one either. Though it does have potential.

Love it! This is definetly my favorite game on newgrounds so far but there are 3 things you might consider adding/fixing for example the Field of view is a bit too small turn that up but not too much.Second thing is that it looks so blury so if you can fix that it would be nice.Third thing is maybe the text in a different font im not sure if you can do this in Construct but if you can it would be nice too.

Anyways great game.

AliiGames responds:

Sorry, that is my favorite font of all time i will not change it but thank you for the other stuff i will fix those. I'm npt sure 'bout the blury thing tho :/. And so nice for you to say that this is your favorite game. I started on another site "Gamejolt". I see you don't get alot of feedback there but here i get comments atleast more than one. Thank you for your review ^^

Well made. One way to improve this would be to increase the walking speed, and be able to see more of the screen.

The reason for increased movement speed is that you cannot get out the way of bullets, which is what made the mechanic work so well in SUPERHOT. The ability to actually see the bullet and dodge it is what gave the game its feel, something that is lost with a slow walking speed, and the inability to dodge bullets.

The reason for seeing more of the screen is that it means every single enemy encounter is in close quarters. This means that bullet fights seem un-realistic, and it seems it would be easier for the pair of you to throw away your guns and hand-to-hand it out. Showing us more of the map would allow the player to plan their actions and plan what they are going to do, which is the better option in the case of top-down shooters.

Guns seem like they do no damage, and it doesn't look like the punching works either.

Time should slow down instantaneously when you stop, and should take time increasing, not the other way around as it happens in this game.

However, these are just my thoughts. I congratulate you on a well-made attempt, and goddamnit I can't make games, so you did a better job than I ever could.

Best wishes for the rest of your time on NG!

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AliiGames responds:

;D Thank you so MUCH! I love the explained constructive feedback! I know exactly how it will work out! And i know how it will make my game better! Yep i hope i can you my future making games for people to enjoy :).

Thanks chilledlem0m

Very difficult. It would be nice to have the controls explained in the game instead of below it. A little more ammo or maybe different difficulty levels would be nice.

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AliiGames responds:

Thank you for your feedback. Okay, i'm going to include the instructions in the game. And the other thing about the different difficulty levels can you please explain that? Do you mean the Easy - Medium - Hard thing? Can you adjust it on every level. Explain it and I'll work on what you said ;).

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2.02 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2015
4:02 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional