Paved with bad foresight

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Made for Ludum Dare 33 in 48h using HaxeFlixel
The theme was "You are the monster"

My first entry to ludum dare! It's not great and it turned out kind of cheesy but I really liked the main idea and 48h are way less than you'd expect (especially if those 48h are 4am to 4am)

If you happen to be able to, feel free to vote on my game here

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can't lie, I had a little chill down my back when it said "you killed them monster"..
i don't know why but,
why do we think people are crates ? why do we break crates ? why can I suddenly clip thru everything ?
why is there not even a sad Royality Free Music in the backround ?

JaytleBee responds:

You probably know this, but the game was made in 48h and I just didn't have time to add audio or properly explain the story. You were supposed to be a hallucinating soldier, "the voice" was supposed to be the one fueling your hallucinations. Again, 48h are not a lot of time.

Well... the controls are nice and tight. I like that. However, I'm with everyone else in saying that the next time you go for a concept like this, it'd be worth doing so in something that's more thematically expansive than a 48-hour challenge. It gave this illusion of choice, but when every result is jammed into the same schematic, then it kinda makes the game seem like a waste of time instead of an enjoyable waste of time. Keep thinking big with your concepts, but remember that thinking small is just as good at certain occasions.

Well, this game seemed to go nowhere, there seemed to be no story line and the ending was a bit questionable on how you're shown to have killed some NPCs, and there seems to be no actual challenge. Getting through was incredibly easy. However, the idea can become something better. A game about a character who interprets certain actions as being one thing, but in reality things are not as they seem to be. I imagine it as Pyroland, where blowing bubbles is really shooting someone in the face with a flare gun. The ending could be different, where the main character is sentenced to a mental prison for life and he/she interprets it as the end of the adventure.

Its good for a proof of concept. I would fall under the category of minimal passable product. In gaming terms that means it is basically a test product of what can be done without adding the polish. The game could be expanded on in later iterations with better graphical capability. Richer story line as well as more content. The game felt very empty and although I understand the concept. It may be better if first off you go a longer distance and find places where your only choice is to break boxes or have a choice both which are possible conclusions to the puzzle.

I understand this is part of a competition and have a 48 hour period but if you plan to expand on this idea this is my two cents.

This had so much potential, but the ending is out of nowhere and incredibly disappointing. You're not the first to go with the "disregard instructions" motif, and that's fine, but put effort into it.

JaytleBee responds:

Yeah, I really don't like how the ending turned out. I actually tried to go with more of a "You're the bad guy without knowing" thing, but the execution isn't that great. Do keep in mind that I had 48 hours to make this.

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Aug 29, 2015
3:35 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other