The Actual Monster

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You are assigned to exterminate these green monsters. But are they the real monsters here?

For some reason controllers don't work properly in the browser version. Try to press other buttons (like X, Y, A, B) and then press "start".

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Now if only it was a complete game... If you finish this I'll give 4.5 :D

Really cool stuff! I had a blast playing this! Keep up the great work!

Very short, but like it. Wish there were more chars to pick from, and maybe upgrades defo more levels! Maybe some including boss levels?

Pretty good for a jam. It reminds of the old top-down shooters like Alien Syndrome. The hero looks like an old Apogee character called Commander Keen.

The overall mechanics are solid, and that's what's important. The sound is crisp, the music is good. It controls quite quite, and it's a pretty challenging game. I feel like the enemies had a bit too much health, especially since aiming can be difficult, and the level design/gameplay don't give the opportunity for any really good tactics. But you did put enough health upgrade into. I enjoyed it. Graphics are nice, especially the different types of enemies.

More levels and gun and armor upgrade are necessary, but it seems already know that, and I suspect you'd have implemented that and more if you'd had more time.

suVrik responds:

Thank you for the response! That is very nice, that you understand the situation we created this game in. Anyway I have an idea for another top-down shooter and your advice is very helpful for me!

In general this is a nice game. I would definitely enjoy to see other enemies and more levels to this; I would surely play them. Gun upgrades would be nice too, like an accuracy booster or a timed rapid fire power up or something like that. The accuracy booster idea actually came from my personal lacking ability to aim well which might get me into troubles on harder levels, but on this stage it was totally fine, since the game is very generous so far what health packs concerns.
Expand, you're on a very good way :)


suVrik responds:

Oh yea, man, pretty much cool ideas. I wish we had one more day to make them real! Thanks for the response.

Credits & Info

2.90 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2015
8:57 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional