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Pac Hunters

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Pac Hunters is a spin off of the old arcade game Pacman, in which you take control of a ghost and try to catch the evil pacmen who are trying to steal your precious ghost pellets! If a pacman eats you, you switch to control the next ghost available! (Made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare Jam! Link: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-33/?action=preview&uid=4109

Controls: Arrow keys - Movement, Enter - Start Game, Escape - Exit to menu
Credits: Game by John Wallie, Music by Nicholas Short


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I don't want to write too much here seeing as the game only has one major issue. The ghosts you work with are just too damned stupid. It would be nice if you could control multiple ghosts at once, or if you could alternate between them, do something to alter the AI, or even control it like a real-time strategy where you could order a ghost to stake out a certain point and wait for you. As it is, too much of the game is simply outside of the player's control.

unresponsive controls

omg, my ghost friends are stupid

This game has a lot of potential.

I say this because the concept is extremely good, and I've always desired a game like this since I was a small child. In the general concept, it's a fun game. I played this for at least half an hour.

However though, it still has more potential than just being 'fun'. While it may be a parody, if this game had more polished graphics so that it looked more slightly like the original (Not too much, don't want to get copyrighted) as well as more polished controls. I say controls because in order to turn you have to hit the keys RIGHT ON THE DOT, otherwise you miss the turn, so you don't just get that smoothness that you had in the arcade version where you can just hit the turn button before you hit the turn and it would go.

A lot of people may be complaining about how hard it is with only one ghost but...that should be apart of the game because it presents a challenge. Challenge wise, if you're not on top of things and working with the other ghosts you are pretty much guaranteed to loose.

Very interesting game, just up the graphics and controls and this is bound to be a classic.

It does indeed need some work to prevent deadlocking, but I like this little game! :)