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Little Big Apocalypse 5: MeatMall

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Sackboy and The Eyes stop at an automated mall, but they aren't the only patrons...

This took about three months to complete. I was inspired by FNAF a bit in this episode, hopefully some fans will notice ;) I'm also including an explore-able area from the episode!

This episode marks the beginning of the crossover with my other series, REBOOT, see if you can notice where.

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Excellent animation. :D I'm a little confused how you got daily 5th and yet so little reviews here.

JMartin97 responds:

Yeah, I don't know why either, it kinda sucks. Thanks for checking it out :)


JMartin97 responds:

Here's another review from reddit:

"Some nice camera work there, great atmosphere, love the setup. But animation needs alot of work, editing needs to be tighter, the slow lingering shots takes up too much screen time. Rule of thumb, the longer the anticipation, the better your payoff has to be. We're not talking quick action cuts, but even to establish atmosphere it's a little slow."

My Response

JMartin97: Thanks for the comments, in the future I'll try to keep things cleaner and faster when I can. Thanks for checking it out :)