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Project Box

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Author Comments

Project Crushing Box
(project name became the real name idk why XD)

YAY it got featured by newgrounds for a small amount of time and idk why XD

Crush the other boxes to rack up points and kills

use - W - or - up arrow key - to go up and
use - S - or - down arrow key - to slam it down

don't go too high or you'll get out of bounds and lose
dont let the other box hit your sides or you'll lose

you are the BOX monster it may not look like it but it's evil inside :v

It is made [1] day after the announcement of the theme, It's hard for me to think of an idea with the theme because i don't have artistic skills XD
I already made 3 ideas with prototypes from the 1st day but Im still not satisfied so I decided to think about it after i wake up and this is the result XD\

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Hey. A small, simple and cool little game you have here. Never felt more satisfying to crush other boxes with my... box? I guess it sort of fits the theme of the jam, since you just bring mindless destruction to your own brethren. The controls are easy enough to figure out, although the idea of jumping to space is a bit odd. All in all, an ok game for the game jam. It could have a lot more, but the time constraint makes it understandable. I featured this game as the first one in my Ludum Dare 33 Let's plays video: https://youtu.be/S9iaUJfSWPs . Keep up the good work, and I'm sure you will be able to throw out a decent game.

adiokristoffer responds:

THANKS for the feedback and the let's play :D hope to do better next jam :D

You got the simple visual aesthetics fine but the audio department need serious work and the gameplay needs a bit of fine tuning to be more entertaining and engaging.

Please find some audio and kick things up a bit. Let the rhythm guide the player around your game. It is a must or the game will be very dry.

For the gameplay, so touching an enemy means "game over" and if an enemy escapes to the left, it also means "game over"...

Tell you what. Since this Ludum Dare is "YOU ARE THE MONSTER", give that box the player controlling a meaner look. Give him teeth, cruel eyes, anything. Now, go find some sound of dogs with rabies for this new meaner box and pumpkin squishing sound for gore. Replace those "tum tum" stomping with the new monster and gore sounds. We got a monster!

For the gameplay, if you touch an enemy and you die, that feels inferior. Remove it. Instead, to make things more engaging, I suggest have the enemies try jumping over the player and sneak over the player at faster speed. This way, the game would feel more like you are the monster and will not let anyone escape. Let the game be over only if an enemy escape. With this, you now got yourself a cool cruel cube monster.

Sorry if I speak too much and make you feel bad but... I mean, hey, the theme is "YOU ARE THE MONSTER", so let's kick things up to eleven!

adiokristoffer responds:

hahah thanks for your feedback :) i made this with just 1 day before the submission so i know it's not good XD ill try to port it to mobile and i'll take note of your feedback :D

after a while i stopped bouncing and was just stuck floating, which made the game nearly impossible to play beyond that point

The game mechanics are simple, I guess... I have no complaints about the core mechanic. The background really looks nice. I like the urban feel you're using with this.

I cannot help but bemoan the lack of music or ambience apart from the background. It's so quiet; I would have hoped even for the faintest traffic noise, but not even that was present. It's too austere. What the game also doesn't tell us is that even touching a box by its side makes you automatically lose, despite not being out of bounds. It's a bit of a nasty shock.

The other thing is that I get that you're handling a box monster. At least *make* it look remotely evil... Or maybe, give it some character. Make it a pretty, pretty box that's actually evil inside. Surely it's not that far-fetched? You've got *some* artistic skill, at least from what I see with the BG. It looks so good; I really, really wish you could make your imagination run wild with this.


adiokristoffer responds:

thanks for your feedback :D i tried making it look like a monster but im bad at art that i decided to make it simple XD thanks for the good comment about the bg im glad you liked it XD

Need more sounds in 8-bits but not bad

Credits & Info

2.54 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2015
2:02 AM EDT