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Author Comments

NOTICE: This game is using WebGL and will probably not work on Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers.

This game is an entry in GameBoy Jam 4, made in 10 days


Nerve wrecking arcade runner game about love and throwing crates.

Avoid obstacles, grab and throw crates, run, jump and don't loose hope.

Now go! Rush to your love!

run around using WSAD OR Arrow keys
hold direction key with [K] or [C] - dash to the sides (dashing has cooldown)
[L] or [X] - grab/throw crates. Hit enemies to gain speed and hope!
Basically you have 2 sets of keys:

arrows + X,C
easy? :) GAME ON


EDIT: YAY, Thanks for frontpage!

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very cute game, but a bit short

Checkpoints, please.

Zielak responds:

This game is too short to have checkpoints :D

i really need a more responsive control.
2nd it nearly half way i figured out y the hell i need those crate cause i dont really need them to run around.
3rd those back ground symbol make my head crazy, i make mistake of dodging them instead of those mob some times, you should have it more consistent, or make a clear distinct.
I think that about it, i did enjoy the game but it just the rating system kinda self figured so you need to work more on your turtorial.

Maybe try Space for Jump and M1 for crate, alternatively try putting in an controls button so players can bind it themselves?

This game and thousands of others use "love" as some kind of plot point and unlike super meat boy there's not even a clever analog here where the two characters have some kind of relationship beyond being love interests. It's lazy writing and it's got to stop. I don't care about whoever she is so stop acting like I need a reason to run around and throw crates, it's insulting on an intellectual level.

Now that that ugliness is out of the way, the game ran, looks, sounds, and controls fine but one little detail that you forgot to put in the tutorial is that throwing crates at enemies is the CORE gameplay. You tell me how to do it... sure. But you never say why I need to do it. I didn't make the connection between throwing crates and healing at first, so I thought if I could just jump my way through this game then why not? Died my first time, and noticed that my field of vision got smaller the more damage I took. Little did I know that it got smaller over time regardless making it harder to see and that's why I was taking damage.

So I thought "well I just have to take less damage" tried again without throwing crates, same result... but I noticed that my health was going down on it's own. Then after receiving no help from the game I FINALLY decided to look down in the description so see what the fuck was going on. That's where I learned about the health restoration mechanic. Tried again and beat the game easily, but I walked away feeling conned. Like if I just knew how to play from the beginning I wouldn't have wasted so much time.

Use this my friend... USE IT TO GROW!

Zielak responds:

Constructive criticism is always welcome. Noted everything.

Thank you very much for the review, I'll surely use it to grow :)

Credits & Info

3.19 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2015
3:16 PM EDT