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One Hundredth

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Like 999 but more 10 Points

Got first 1000 points

Wealthy 10 Points

Bought every item at least once

Explorer 0 Points

Found every secret level

Hard earning 25 Points

Got first 5000 points

No takes just gives 0 Points

Beat the game without clicking Take button

The luckiest person alive 0 Points

Finished the game

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

One Hundredth is an **experimental game** about human stubbornness and will to accomplish certain objective. On the first level of the game you have **99.9%** of chance to get to the next level, on the last level you only have** one hundredth** of a chance. To win the game you must rely on your luck and pass through 12 levels. In the process of creating I added some items and upgrades to make the game easier. Still it's not easy to finish it. I's a weird game, I hope it's somewhat enjoyable.


Use your mouse to navigate around the level and left click on one of percent icons to see if you can pass through. If you get to the next level the score multiplier will increase by 1. If you lose and get back to the first level you will lose your current score and multiplier. To keep current score click TAKE button. The multiplier will reset, but you will get to keep current points.

From time to time there will show little bubbles. If you click them you either gain an amount of points it contains or lose some of your points, so be careful.

**Secret levels**:
One every level you have a chance to find a secret level on those you can gain more points.

I had a lot of fun making this game :) Enjoy
Please comment your thoughts about this game.

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This was pretty fun I did find that the secret levels slow down some progress but it was still pretty fun and entertaining, The upgrade system could use more umph to it lol but overall this was a fun little game here and entertaining


Hard and very random, much like the Schroedinger Cat game. I think the medals have stopped unlocking...? I got 1000 points but no medal.

I don't get what people are saying. this game is fun, different and just plain cool! it's nice to see something different for once.

MRindependent responds:

Thanks! It means a lot to me :)

I like the art style and the music is okay but the game its self is really boring to be able to get through all the levels you need to have some kind of special luck.

Yeah - its a game of chance alright. Problem is it's not very fun. A shame because I do like a well designed game of chance ;)

Biggest problem: NO SAVE. You have to restart every time. That's unnecessarily mean.

Game of chance: makes sense for 50%, 33%, and 25% (one of the buttons is correct!?!): but on later levels is there even a "correct" option? For example 17% chance of progressing - but there are only 5 "buttons": need 6 buttons for a ~17% chance on one being right: so does this mean there is a 17% chance that there is NO button to progress??? (Since 5 buttons is the cap - this only gets worse). OR when you click a button, is there then a 17% chance of progressing... in which case WHAT IS THE POINT of having more than one button?!?

Secret levels are a pain - the basically stop your progress forward - so aren't that welcome. The "Draw" one is especially annoying - it breaks the flow of the game and is bad because you can only get points or nothing. Easy fix: one of the "rewards" should be progress to the next level - maybe even you could throw in progress to a random level.

Points? Those quickly become useless. Upgrades only really serve to get more points OR more secret levels (both of which you DON'T really want) or items. First and fourth item are useful - it's how I get to later levels - fourth item is interesting since it serves to introduce MORE chance, but in a different way. First item is the best, shame I can only carry one at a time. Second and third items are a waste: the whole game is based on chance - so using them is merely a way of wasting points.

I can't get past the 17% level without using items. Usually it's either a fail or a f**king secret level.

Bug #1: After playing a while, the %-buttons stop responding - I can usually click the "take" button, but essentially I'm stuck and need to reload. Because there is no save, this is really bad. Happened to me at 7%... GRRR.

Bug #2: You cannot purchase another level skip (first item) unless you have NO ITEMS. WTF?

These bugs really should have been picked up in testing.

Thank goodness there is a mute button - both tracks get old after a while.

How could you improve this? The central idea of the game is solid: 12 lucky clicks and you've finished!! But the surrounding mechanic does not support this concept: some ideas:

Points: you want people to click right? So every click you double your points (starting from 5 is fine). Clicking "Take" should give you double points - thus there is a reason to use it. I'd would ditch the point bubbles.

Secret levels: should not stop your progress - just give you another chance at clicking on the level you were on.

Buttons: really there should be a representative number of buttons for the % chance level you are on (eg 10 buttons for 10%, 11 buttons for 9.1%, 12 buttons for 8.3%... 1% would be 100 buttons!!) This means when you find a secret level, that button can be greyed out when you come back to the game from the secret level.

Upgrades: upgrades should be for things in the secret levels: eg "Draw" has a preset number of possibilities (nothing, +1, +20, +500): you should be able to add to these possibilities to things like "skip level" - each upgrade could add an extra skip level!

Items: First and fourth item are good. The other two items needed to be things like: "halve the number of buttons" or "highlight the secret level" (of course there might not always be a secret level - so that works nicely with the games' theme of chance).

I liked the background (floatly blue bits - helping me resist a rage quit...) and the core concept - BUT I obviously didn't enjoy the game or think the core concept was developed well.

By the way: if for example level one had 1 button, two 2, three 3, till level twelve with 12 buttons, and on each level only one button was correct, then the chance of success is 1 in 479,001,600... if I change ONLY the last level to 100 buttons with one correct (i.e. 1% chance of success) then the chance of success is 1 in 3,991,680,000. So basically your game has approximately a 1 in 4 billion chance someone will get it right... so if everyone on earth plays the game once, then odds are only 2 people will be success an win... I think I made up for a few who won't play ;)

The previous assumes your random generator is truely random... but in my experience most random generator are only quasi-random (i.e. they would fail tests for randomness). So I hope you coded carefully and "stacked" the odds so it is possible (this is the easiest way to ensure your game IS possible - because a bad random generator would means that it's NOT possible!!). Note the first upgrade LOOKED like the ability to stack the odds and hence ensure the game is possible... BUT so far no-one has managed it...

1/2 a star for the game. +1 star for making me crack out my calculator.

Credits & Info

1.86 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2015
5:42 PM EDT