Gogo gets the Glow

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This is the story of a young girl named Gogo, who has to take down a drug smuggling ring, as the police are too lazy to get it done. Along the way she meets interesting and unique characters, whom she will have to interact with.

The game was created in Unity 5 and this is my first attempt at a game build with WebGl.

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It does feel like a walking simulator rather than a game. I found the art style really jarring, especially sine Gogo looks 40 (I blame her over-rendered nose).

Decent first attempt but needs a lot of polish. The music and art style are okay as is the length of the game.

CONS: This is not so much a game than a walking simulator. Not even a good one at that. You have to keep clicking the background to walk when holding down the mouse would have worked better.
There's no real puzzles - walk left, then right and back again and the game solves itself.
WAY too many spelling errors.

There's not really a game here. I recommend less talking and making objects click'able so the player will find the clues. Just felt like I walked back and forth while she told a story.

Style was good and story/concept interesting. Gameplay a bit lacking, it seemed to be just walking backwards and forwards until the player stumbles across the trigger for the next story element. The cutscenes went on a bit too long, a lot of the speech could have been condensed without sacrificing mood or exposition. Movement was kind of awkward - as far as I could tell, the only option was mouse clicking in the direction you want to go, which meant multiple clicks to travel the length of the scene, which you then have to do multiple times in each scene - coupled with the cutscenes it made for a whole lot of clicking but not much meaningful interaction.

Unfortunately the game crashed after I inspected the messy table (a message popped up saying exception handling is disabled in this build) don't know if it's an error in your code or a WebGL glitch. It was a shame anyway as everything seemed stable up until then, just a few collision issues e.g. Gogo humping Luschek in the first scene if you click to move past him :P overall good effort from what I saw and hopefully you have some things to consider for the next build.

The game started off great, and I like the premise, unfortunately, the game bugs after speaking with the Police Officer, and poor Gogo gets stuck behind him.

I like the artwork and the premise behind it, but sadly, I can;t get much further than the first interaction.

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2.74 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2015
5:48 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click