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Top 10 Amazing Facts!

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I said i would complete it- so here it is! it's my now completed NATA open round entry- I'm going to get to work right away on the next one I have to finish! :)
Even though I ended up losing in the second round, I had a great time participating and may enter again in the future! For any aspiring animators out there, I would highly recommend it!

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It's kind of missing some animation where she goes into the desk at 0:58.

Spinalpalm responds:

Hmm? oh no- it wasnt intended for her to be like sliding into the desk or anything. It would be pretty off putting seeing the actual scaling of her body go down. I have it like this so she's big one minute, goes in desk and is small the next minute.

NICE!! do you take inspiration from Felix Colgrave?


omg this girk remind me so much of mandy in the grim adventure of billy and mandy

Never expected such an horrific twist. Keeping that in mind, Job well done. Animation on point.