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A maze game. Can you beat all the levels and unlock all the achievements?

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Quite an unoriginal game, of course, but it wouldn't have been a bad thing if it had been polished a bit more. There are some details that, when put together, make this game worse than it should have been:

- the music restarts every time you click on something
- there is only one music and one graphical design for the whole game... there are three times five levels, why not three different songs and three different kinds of walls, at least?
- the speed indicator moves when the player moves... you had one job, goddammit
- in-game achievements were not also turned into NG medals

And, of course, the fact that you add nothing to the good old "escape from labyrinths" adds to the overall tedium. Had it been technically perfect but still "only a labyrinth game", I wouldn't have rated it higher than 3, to be perfectly honest, so this version is already quite good.

MisterTtocS responds:

These are actually good ideas that I should have did. Though, I didn't think of them. The music only restarts when you go to the menu. I did this so this would show an effect on the menu a bit more. I guess I could have added different walls. I didn't think of that. Different songs would be nice too. At first the speed indicator kept moving sometimes when the player moved, but as I played, I kind of liked it because I thought it kind of made a good effect. I guess not though. Adding in game achievements wouldn't be bad either. I planned on making a sequel, but with more things like enemies and much more. However, since this game was really bad I don't think I should. I'm working on another game and I'm making sure I put a lot more effort into it. If I ever feel like it, I might come back and work on this game a bit more. Though, I just don't think it's worth it anymore. I want to work on other things. By the way, this was my first flash game, so that's also why it might be bad. Or perhaps I just suck at making games, eh? ;) Anyways, thanks for leaving feedback. I really appreciate it because this will help me work on my games. Thanks.

- MisterTtocS

Wow, a game where you navigate a maze, I've never seen that before! Also, I love games where you control with the keys, then go back to the mouse to select the next level, then back to the keys, then back to the mouse...


MisterTtocS responds:

Thank you. I appreciate your feedback! :)

gr8 game, made an account just to rate it

MisterTtocS responds:

Haha. Thanks so much. This game took me about 3 weeks to make. I worked on it a lot though. This game is just mazes. Not too much stuff going on so it wasn't that hard to make. I wanted to make a sequel, but I might have to think about it. I'm working on another game at the moment and I'm going to make sure I make this game good this time. Thanks.


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2.17 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2015
2:16 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other