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Lune: Nightmare Time (Alpha 0.1)

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Author Comments


There is a bug where the electric boss easily dies, and I will fix it ASAP, but unfortunately last night I managed to accidentally delete most of my animations while trying to re-upload them. As a result, I have quite a bit of work to re-do before there will be any changes to Lune. I will update ASAP.

Lune is a nightmare spirit, seeking to bring fear into the dreams of children. In order to do so, Lune will have to overcome the dream catchers in order to invade the slumbering children's worlds.

Help Lune conquer the dream catchers and strike terror into the hearts of children!

This is an alpha version of the game, currently in development. Only the tutorial and first levels are currently playable, however I will be updating this project as I finish each stage.

I hope you enjoy it!

Follow my progress on twitter @TheCrabRabbit.
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I absolutely love this! Occasionally it gets a bit annoying that you have to reply the entire level if you die but I understand the idea behind it. Nice smooth controls (though shoot being D feels a bit weird to me. It'd be so much easier with Z imo) and great animation+art. Looking forward to the updates!

CrabRabbit responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

The consensus in the replies seems to be that continues and checkpoints would be a good idea, so I'll be implementing them in the next update!

die on boss (because it has a stupid amount of health) and... u start whole game over.

yeah... no.

CrabRabbit responds:

Sorry you're not a fan of it. I wanted Lune to be a Megaman-like with a throwback difficulty ala NES. Perhaps I'll add continues for those that can't handle it. ;)

Still so impressed at the rope snakes death animation! A few of the spikey spiders get stuck in the wrong spots sometimes but everything functions well, can't wait to haunt ALL the dreams!

CrabRabbit responds:

When I try to tell the spiders to stop doing rude things like that they just hiss that I'm not their REAL dad.

Not a bad start. Ascetically, it reminds of games like Buggerman. Hit boxes need some work- at times I'd shoot the bunnies and the bullets would pass through them. Not a fan of the non hittable spider spike things either. Again though... good start.

CrabRabbit responds:

Yeah, there's that one bunny in the beginning where you see the first bead-snake that won't get hit if you jump and shoot for some reason. Still trying to work that one out. Thanks for the review!

I agree that a checkpoint would be very useful, but I liked the game, it's fluid, it has potential and it is an original idea; the "good charms"being the evil ones in the ghost's perspective and the idea of the dreamcatcher as the boss. Also I don't think you're wasting other's time, the title specifically says "alpha" so the ones who decide to play it are aware that the game is not completed, good job (:

CrabRabbit responds:

Thanks for the encouraging words! They mean a lot! I'm glad you like it!

Credits & Info

3.32 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2015
1:10 AM EDT