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The Truck Driver

rated 2.85 / 5 stars
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Sports - Racing

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Jul 29, 2015 | 5:12 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Android version:

The truck driver is a truck driving game with great physics, interesting and long tracks and all kind of trucks. Your goal is to reach the finish line in given time without destroying your truck.You will drive 16 totally unique trucks in 24 levels. Drive through valley, jungle, city day and night, ice peaks, and desert.

In this game you can make front and back flips, jumps, drive through loops, collect extra points, achieve medals, drive through very rough terrains…
On the bottom of the screen, you will find timer, score, number of attempts, speedometer, damage indicator and all the buttons you need.

If you love truck games, whether stunt or rock climbing style, you will love the truck driver game.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Quite a good game I'd say. The level design is enternaining and provides a good but not too challenging difficulty. You could make the game better with better graphics and music, and of cours by adding an upgrade system.

phyziko responds:

Hi Alestrius

Thanks for compliments!

And you're right, about difficulty, but, some of the players complained that is too hard.

Anyway, we are working on ver 2, with very unique upgrade system. You will be able to create trucks as you want it, including number of wheels, radius of wheels, choose suspension type, balance of truck...

We're also looking for professional illustrator for next version.

But first, we are going to complete Android version of this game, so you can follow us on twitter, and be one of the first player to test the truck for mobile.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Even though i am not very fond of this type of game but i can tell that this is well done but i have to ask have you consider doing upgrade type where you get to improve your truck to get the job done or perhap an open world concept where you get to pick n choose the client to deliver the content to.

you can even do a random map thingy where we cant tell how hard the map will be. Like i said i don't like these type of game but that ok because for the game you created for this is well done perhap a jukebox option to choose the music we listen to.

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phyziko responds:

Hi dragoon56th

We have a plan for garage, where you can upgrade your trucks, but first we have to finish our mobile version of the game.

Thanks for review.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

When it's over, truckers will have the sudden urge to walk on foot!

Car games are fun, especially when you get to PvP your friends in a race. And most car games have pretty unique interesting tracks to drive. It's difficult to mess this up if you can program decent working controls. The Truck Driver on the other hand manages to mess it up and even more! The game's first level does surprisingly leave a good impression. You get a sense of security that nothing's going to go wrong. Well that quickly starts s***ting all over your face by level 2.
The object of The Truck Driver is to simply drive to the other side of the track while having to make your way over the obstacles that stand in your way. There are 24 levels in this game, each averaging between 1 to 3 minutes, and you have to do this for every single level. Each level has it's own pre-set vehicle you must use for each level, so it's basically an obstacle course marathon game... Only this marathon has no f***ing variation!! (Oh yeah, real original adding an extra wheel to my Oil Truck and changing it's name to "Highland tanker" for level 10, when I already used this vehicle in level 3 and level 7! I don't care if the stats are altered because it's still the same vehicle!!!)
And it gets worse! It gets f***ing worse!!

For the gameplay!! As stated above, there are obstacles you have to go over. In order to do that, you must lean with the left & right arrows of your keyboard, basically setting your truck up for a wheelie. This becomes a reoccurring theme, and is ironically what you're fighting with for most of the game. It is easy to flip your truck over accidentally, and you have to drive real careful because if anything other than your tires touches something whether it be the ground, the barrels, or the containers you're trying to get over, your vehicle will take damage. Collision has no impact on the damage taken and is judged solely on DPS. Take too much damage and you will lose something called "Attempts" which is basically it's games continue system, which will happen when you vehicle runs out of health points, and then you get the pleasure of watching your truck disintegrate before you for no damn reason!!!! Just touching the walls will get you killed, and you don't even have to drive into it! The Level designs are poor!! By the 3rd or 4th level, I just didn't want to play this game any more. By level 5, it didn't matter any more if I got gold, I stopped trying because of how pitiful the level designs were, and started rushing to the end. After some time, I started wondering if I was playing a level that way already completed, and then two more levels later I realized that I was!!! The designer had cookie-cut things over from previous levels and pasted it, but added more to make it longer! In some levels, you go as far as driving over the exact same slopes over and over! The repetitiveness in the level designs hurts!!!
It's like the game wasn't play-tested, or was just pushed out the door because the creator was meeting a deadline.

- Confirmation sound effects missing in the main menu.
- Menu controls are unresponsive with keyboard. Sometimes you have to press the up arrow multiple times before it finally highlights "TRY AGAIN". (100% confirmed bug)
- Level 8 is a nightmare! You take damage in the most simplest ways, including driving slow. There's no checkpoints despite being given multiple attempts until game over. And even the slightest touch on the lean button causes you to flip over on your back and disintegrate.
- There are a few levels that if you take the high road, you eventually have to drive a loop (you drive up the wall, on the ceiling, and back down again) which looks pretty awesome! Reminds you of what going on a roller coaster feels like. These are a welcomed thrill in our driving games. But guess what: In The Truck Driver, it punishes you!! You lose time for doing the loop when you could just as easily taken the low road, and loops don't provide any extra points either other than the few tiny coins it leave on!! Level 18's loops causes you to take unavoidable damage for driving it!

Now the graphics & art in The Truck Driver are surprisingly decent. Backgrounds are filled up, and everything is colourful when you play. But guess what: even that starts looking the same!!! Our only solace, ruined by repeated textures with a random house being added at the finish line, and all being reused in future levels!

"Yeah, it's fine! Just push it out the door. No one will notice the difference if we add an extra wheel to each vehicle! Probably should change the name of some to make it look less suspicious too. -Oh and play the same song over & over again for every level. There's no way people will get sick of this 3 minute tune in an 80 minute game.... They will??? Fine! Then add a mute button! I cant be bothered to put in any other music. Let's save the windmill for the last level, and reuse every other object and idea for the previous 20 or so levels! Should be okay, right?"

NO!!! No, it's not okay!!! It never was!!! My throat hurts from all the 4-letter curse words screamed outloud during my playthrough of The Truck Driver. It has average graphics and below average controls, with everything else being terrible! The final verdict for this lazy, unpolished, repetitive chore is a 3 out of 10! You know, the best about The Truck Driver was when I completed level 24 because now I never have to play this garbage again. Time to me to go get some cough drops.

Final Verdict: 3 out of 10
NG Rating: 1.5 Stars

phyziko responds:

Thanks for your review TheDestroyerNG

Ok, so you didn't like the game, but, I used First Impresion service on FGL, and almost everybody enjoyed the game and gave me high rating. But I'll take all your comments when I start making second version.

Btw, almost every game of this type :
- uses only one song, because of the game size
- have only one truck to drive, maybe three or four, but all with the same physics, just variations on speed, size and truck appearance.
- Level repetition: I saw many games that you drive almost the same level over and over again, and still very popular
- Many games of this type are using leaning, while driving

on other comments,

Yes, there is a mute button, both for sfx and music.
If you go in a loop, you'll collect the extra points
Only small portion of level repeats, but, even so, you'll drive track with totally different truck. And not just a wheel, as you mentioned, al the physics of the truck is different, width, suspension, wheel radius, and so on...

Maybe I missed something, but, again, I'll take all your comments for version 2, and probably make it much more easier to play.