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Mario 3 | Duane & Brando (ft. Brentalfloss)

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DOWNLOAD THE SONG HERE: https://duaneandbrando.bandcamp.com/album/mario-3

LYRICS HERE: http://duaneandbrando.bandcamp.com/album/mario-3

Duane - Mario
Brando - Luigi / Koopa
Brentalfloss - Toad
Amber Thompson - Princess Peach
Cory Snider - Randy

Music written by Koji Kondo / Led Zeppelin.
Lyrics by Duane & Brando / Brentalfloss
Music arranged, performed, and produced by Brando.
Video directed, produced, and animated by Brando.
Fire animation by waywardeclipse.
Pipe bong by Logan Savanah.
CD/thumbnail art by Larry Rosenfeld.
Special thanks to Amber Thompson and Jordan Lackey for additional game footage.

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I love Mario movies and games. MAMAMIA! =)

Holy shit this was epic! You guys did amazing on this! Especially brentalfloss!

then luigi came and saved the day! mario: hey....

Love it

Holy shit this was epic! You guys did amazing on this!