Abstract Dungeon

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Simplistic yet unique dungeon crawler and some kind of puzzle at the same time. It's hard to describe, just try it.

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Now that's what I call a new take on an old genre! WELL DONE!

Even though this game is simple, I can play it for hours. It's more relaxing than the usual dungeon crawl games. I noticed the update as well. Can't wait to see if there are more to come.

It's an interesting concept. I enjoyed playing it for some time. But you don't really feel a great deal of progress or excitement. I think it'd be great with some added music, too. :)

I quite enjoyed it, i put some music in the background to fill the void and it turned out to be a nice puzzle game i could come back to... maybe.
the layout of the rooms is hit and miss but i don't mind cause it's random and from what i played it's alright, without counting impossible moments.
Street cred seemed an empty gesture, then i saw that it was for restarting and shuffling and found it more usefu. I read it goes on to infinity. and because of the little real feeling of reward, i felt rather discouraged.
The idea of bosses or a secret or surprises would be nice to feel like dungeoning on has some sort of a drive or purpose aside from the mere fact I am deeper in the dungeon. Which can work, but not long enough.
You have a pretty addicting tablet game here if you keep working on it.

Great, but the cracked floors are just plain stupid, not in that they exist, but that they aren't as noticeable. Considering all other tiles have some distinction to them, the fact cracked ones are so alike in visual appearance is honestly this game's biggest issue. Outside of that, it is a good dungeon crawler.

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3.27 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2015
8:48 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG