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In the near future, you are a mercenary biker hired out to patrol the neutral zones between towns and erase any dissident vehicles. It is dangerous but lucrative work.

Ride your bike through 10 increasingly dangerous and faster stages, avoiding crashes, and blasting the opposition to earn cash.

Use cash to upgrade your bike.
Use jumps to leap over the obstacles and enemies.
Pick up energy to fuel your guns.

How far can you go?

Cursor keys to steer and CTRL to fire.

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I like the design and the aesthetics, but the sort of checkerboard ground pattern in old games like this such as Space Harrier were there not only to show the speed, but to help you line up shots. Just a minor point, but I really liked this.

Meh... The idea is good, but it all feels weird. The controls, the thing you fire, which follows when you steer... I dunno, maybe it just needs to be worked on a little more.

I kinda like this game but there's not alot of things special about it other than the picture on the cover. The game reminds me of an old car game on a 90s or 80s system, and it plays at a slow speed. At first glance, The character looks like Harley Quinn from batman which caught my attention. When you first start up the game, it just tells you to avoid the obstacles and shoot the enemy but who's the enemy? the motorcycles or the cars? I just shot them both because the game didn't tell me which one to shoot. The levels get mixed up but the first level is always the same, also the level gets a bit loopy sometimes. Other than that, this game is okay.

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2.97 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2015
12:56 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person