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Going Into Lunar Fox

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*Contains Vore, observe at your own enjoyment*

A short but exclusive journey into Lunar Hermit's foxy entrails.

Made for http://lunarfox513.deviantart.com/
Music is "Dark Fog" by Kevin MacLeod (via http://incompetech.com/)

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love its

I think the attraction to insides is different for different people. As far as "vore" goes, it could be any or all of these: ...warmth ...wetness ...feeling of being squeezed ...being immobilized ...being helpless ...being killed ...becoming one with something ...connecting with one's animal side ...a return to basics of life ...being reduced to something smaller (again, simpler)... you name it. Me, i prefer vore where prey is kept restrained and sexually messed with long-term, not necessarily even dying from it (such as rape plants lol).

Why do people have a fettish of insides?


I always enjoy your work, and this one is no exception. The only problem I have is that is seems too similar to other animations like Giantess vore POV and Redla's Innards. Still, it's good, well-animated vore which I'm always up for. Keep it up.