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Packman Star Adventure

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Author Comments

Packman Star Adventure : Packman Star Adventure is all about getting all those stars without getting stuck or get smash buy those traps laid by your enemy's, so now its your turn to help Packman to collect all those coins and complete all 24 levels without getting trap and make a high score have fun!

Use Arrow Key to Play

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I would review this, but I already did when you posted the exact same game with different graphics.

wow. this is bad. what exactly are the physics behind the...uh...block...eye things? they just move by themselves...and why do the crush me by touching me? also! why does this game LOOK so dumb? it looks so dumb...also...PacKman? pacK? come on!!! pacman STAR adventure? were are the stars??? plz... fix this.

Not the worst I've played, but still not great either.

Nice job

Awh yeah! Motherfuckin Pac-Man! A game you know can't go wrong......... until you get harassed by 4 to 5 advertisements! No.... No!! Why!?! (finally notices the k in Pac"k"man after minutes of playing)
You motherfuc-

I should have known it was too good to be true after seeing that picture on the front. So this isn't Pac-Man, this is a parody of Pac-Man called "Packman Star Adventure". Though what the Star Adventure means is unknown. The game has no story, and is just there as a puzzlish type game. The object is to try and eat all the yellow orbs in each level. Once you get them all, you move on to the next level, and so-forth until the game is completed. Now it is challenging trying to solve some of the puzzles, and is a fairly decent amount of time-frame to complete them all. Those parts of the game is great!

But everything else about the game felt like it's lacking. After a while, everything starts to feel like copy/paste. The creator didn't do anything artistically to make it exciting. If you're thinking that it's not supposed to be exciting because of it being a puzzle game then you deserve a slap in the face! I've played puzzle games that look more beautiful than what was delivered here, and they were only spin-offs! It gets boring when everything starts looking the same regardless of what game you play. Now here's some more issues with Packman...

- Level 20 to 24 are the same levels you've already played.
- It plays the same song that loops in 28 seconds, and though the option to mute the music was generous it's still an act of laziness to have only one track.
- Level 5 is impossible to lose, and is just a boring chore to play.
- The walkthrough provided leads to a youtube video of someone who keeps failing at the game! Though all the levels do get completed, it's still frigging annoying having to sit there and wait until they get it right!

And not only that - There's a ridiculous amount of bugs that exist in this game. I lost count on how many times I managed to glitch through the wall. Bugs are hilarious, but when they happen too much it takes away from the game.

- I had another bug where I would constantly hear the death cry of my character, yet I wasn't actually dead. And then when I touched a bomb, I instantly died. This happened in level 19.
- In the main menu, when you highlight level 13, it displays itself as level 10.

What else can I say about Packman ...? Well the controls felt unresponsive at times, but it may have just been my playing skill. I also think that it may have been touching the line for being a coverup for legal advertising, especially after how it keeps displaying links to other websites after you fail a level. Despite that, the game is still passable. Though it still leads to question why level 20 to 24 are nowhere to be found. The final verdict for Packman Star Adventure is a 6 out of 10. The NG verdict however is only a 2.5 stars for its sloppy launch. When you publish a game, you have to make sure it works across all internets (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome), you have to playtest your games so that there are bugs or errors. That was not the case here, and will be penalized for it.

Final Verdict: 6 out of 10
NG Rating: 2.5

Credits & Info

2.12 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2015
3:43 AM EDT